Jordanian Teens Develop AI Project for Groundbreaking Sustainable Water Recycling to Revive Fields

Young innovators, with their AI project based on water recycling, addressing irrigation issues

Allan Yahya Mahmoud Abu Ali and Amer Raafat Khalel Hammad, 14,  from Jordan, are passionate young innovators in AI and coding. They found a way to tackle the critical issue of clean water scarcity for irrigation, which leads to soil drying and crop damage. The teens developed “Water Recycling,” an award-winning International project at Codeavour featuring a smart wastewater filtration system. 

The AI project utilizes sensors and a distillation process to purify wastewater for reuse in irrigation. Crafted with Arduino technology and PictoBlox extensions, this innovative solution promises to significantly mitigate soil and crop damage issues. The Water Recycling System establishes a cost-effective, advanced foundation for wastewater filtration, offering a viable solution for irrigation in the face of water shortages or climate-induced irrigation challenges.

AI Project – Water Recycling (Turning Wastewater into Sustainable Irrigation Water)

The Water Recycling System operates in a multi-step process to transform wastewater into irrigation-ready water efficiently. It begins with a pump drawing water from a designated tank or reservoir. Upon entering the system, a net filters out any solid waste while a camera identifies the type of debris for proper disposal. Simultaneously, sensors monitor the water level, ensuring optimal intake.

Next, the primarily treated wastewater enters a distillation tank. Here, the magic happens. Through a controlled heating and cooling process, impurities are separated and condensed, leaving behind clean, purified water. This revitalized water is then collected in a dedicated tank, ready for its new purpose.

AI coding interface and water recycling device, transforming wastewater

But the system doesn’t stop there. To ensure water reaches thirsty plants efficiently, a sample pot equipped with a soil moisture sensor plays a crucial role. This sensor continuously monitors the moisture level in the soil. When it detects a drop below the optimal level, the system automatically releases the purified water through pipes, delivering just the right amount to keep the plants healthy and thriving.

The Water Recycling System acts as a closed-loop system, giving wastewater a second life and promoting sustainable water management practices in agriculture.

Inspiration Behind the Project to Transform Wastewater into Hope

Young innovator presents an AI project beside a coding interface and water recycling system

Allan and Amer ventured on a journey to tackle the global water crisis. They developed the Water Recycling System, turning wastewater into irrigation water. This innovation aimed to prevent soil degradation and crop failure. They entered Codeavour 2022 International, the biggest AI, robotics, and coding competition for students, focusing on real-world problem-solving. The platform showcased their project and provided critical guidance, transforming their AI and coding passion into a tangible solution.

Their families supported them strongly, offering resources and encouragement. This support and Codeavour’s opportunity propelled their innovative approach to water scarcity. Their project demonstrates young innovators’ power in using technology for environmental sustainability. 

Allan and Amer’s work emphasizes the role of support systems and global platforms in achieving transformative projects. They have shown how technology can address critical challenges, significantly impacting sustainable water management.

The Future Potential and Implications of Water Recycling System

The child observes a water recycling setup with electronics, envisioning sustainable farming

The future-focused project marks a significant advance in managing wastewater for agriculture. Water Recycling System addresses water scarcity and boosts crop yields by transforming what was once seen as waste into a vital irrigation resource. This shift promises a more sustainable approach to farming and opens doors to increased productivity and environmental conservation. Their system is a hope for future innovations in sustainable agriculture, praising a new age of efficiency and ecological awareness.

Shaping the Future Through Innovation

Collage of a DIY AI-driven water recycling project with electronics, plants, and laboratory glassware

Allan and Amer’s journey highlights the transformative impact of youth in AI and coding. Their Water Recycling System addresses environmental challenges, showcasing the vast potential of technological education. Competitions like Codeavour are crucial, empowering young minds to innovate and collaborate. Their achievements underline the importance of supporting young innovators, who are key to a sustainable future.

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