About Codeavour

Codeavour 2020 AI, the biggest international online AI and coding competition for kids, is back with double the fun and learning! Create innovative AI projects in PictoBlox and make the world a better place with your awesome AI and coding skills.

Codeavour is an international online coding competition hosted by STEMpedia annually to encourage kids to bring out their inner programmer & make innovative projects using PictoBlox, the best platform to learn coding and AI.

The competition aims to motivate kids to:

Develop an interest in STEM with Arts.

Develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration & communication – the four C’s of the 21st century skills.​

Become sensitive towards the well being of the world.

Our Glorious Past

The name “Codeavour” is a combination of “Code” and “Endeavour” and justifies well the ideology behind the competition which is motivating kids to show the endeavour to code for the betterment of society.

Codeavour = Code + Endeavour

Codeavour 2019 (1st Edition)

STEMpedia hosted the first edition of Codeavour in 2019 in the month of August with UN Sustainable Development Goals as themes and received a decent response and participation.


Codeavour 2020 (2nd Edition)

STEMpedia in collaboration with Motwani Jadeja Foundation hosted the second edition of Codeavour in 2020 in the month of October with “Make the world a better place with AI and Coding” as a central theme and received a huge response and participation.

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