Compassion Through Innovation: 14-Years Old Crafts AI-Assisted Robot to Support Elderly in Daily Tasks

Uplaksh Choudhary stands with his AI robot, Helping Hand, designed to assist seniors.

Uplaksh Choudhary, 14, of Sai International School, Jammu and Kashmir, India, is a remarkable innovator and AI & coding enthusiast. He noticed a significant challenge for elderly individuals living alone. They struggled with basic tasks, such as getting a glass of water or taking their medicines. To solve this, Uplaksh developed an AI-powered assistant robot named “Helping Hand.” This robot utilizes speech recognition and a camera to provide water and medicine to older adults.

Project – Helping Hand V1 (Igniting Hope with Intuitive Technology)


The Helping Hand V1 is an Arduino-based smart robot designed to assist senior citizens. This remarkable creation utilizes AI and machine learning to serve the purpose. The robot is equipped with speech recognition and camera technology, enabling it to interact with its users and perform tasks autonomously. It is designed to assist the seniors in various ways, including:

  • Speech recognition: The robot can understand and respond to voice commands, allowing the, elderly population to interact with it easily.
  • Camera technology: Its built-in camera enables AI-powered obstacle avoidance and the option to call or have the owner call in remotely.
  • Remote Connectivity: Users can interact and engage with their robot without using another device simply by speaking to it and telling it what to do.

Equipped with a smart charging station, it refuels, ensuring uninterrupted support. This robot also incorporates a solar panel, harnessing the sun’s energy for eco-friendly charging. Integrated within the project is a mobile phone playing two crucial roles: an IP camera for enhanced security and monitoring and a platform for Amazon Alexa. 

Imagine elders effortlessly controlling their home lights and smart appliances with simple voice commands through Alexa. Helping Hand empowers them to maintain independence and manage their environment with ease.

Inspiration Behind the Project (Improving Accessibility and Mobility for the Aged)

Uplaksh Choudhary with his innovation, the Helping Hand robot, in his tech workspace.

Uplaksh’s journey to making a difference in the lives of elders began with a profound sense of empathy and keen observation. Witnessing the daily struggles of older individuals living alone, struggling with simple tasks such as fetching water or taking medication, ignited a fire in him. This wasn’t just a spark of concern; it was the birth of a mission. Armed with a passion for AI and coding, which he honed during the Codeavour 2022 International competition, Uplaksh saw an opportunity to blend technology with compassion.

Inspired by the competition’s ethos of using technology to solve real-world problems, Uplaksh embarked on a journey to transform his vision into reality. Through “Helping Hand,” Uplaksh not only brought attention to the challenges faced by the seniors but also demonstrated how technology, when guided by empathy and innovation, can restore independence and dignity to their lives. His story is an inspiring example for students everywhere, showing that with passion and perseverance, they, too, can significantly impact the world.

The Pillars of Strength: Family’s Support

Uplaksh’s success at Codeavour shines brightly, thanks to his family’s endless support. Like strong pillars, they cheered him on, feeding his love for AI and robotics and making new things. They saw his talent and gave him everything he needed to make his project come alive. This strong family backing gave him the courage to face tough tasks, try out new ideas, and turn his dream into a winning project.

The Future Potential and Implications of Helping Hand V1

Uplaksh Choudhary demonstrates his AI robot, Helping Hand V1, aiding the elderly with tasks.

The Helping Hand V1 project is a promising robot that helps older people with their daily tasks and could do even more amazing things in the future. Here’s what it can do:

  • Elderly Assistance: It helps aging adults by getting things for them, reminding them of important stuff, and keeping them company. It’s easy to talk to because it understands speech and can see with its camera.
  • Health Monitoring: The robot might get sensors to watch over the health of its users, like noticing if someone falls or acts differently, which can quickly alert caregivers.
  • Remote Caregiving: Family or caregivers can check in on their loved ones from far away, which is great for elders living alone.
  • Home Automation: It works with Amazon Alexa to control smart home devices by voice, making life easier and more independent.
  • Security and Monitoring: Its camera can also work for home security and might even recognize faces to keep things safer.
  • Working with Doctors: With permission, the robot can share health data with doctors, helping them give better care, especially for ongoing health issues or elderly care.

Overall, the Helping Hand V1 project showcases the potential for AI and robotics to significantly impact the lives of older people, providing assistance, connectivity, and improved quality of life. 

A Source of Inspiration

From budding innovator to impactful changemaker, Uplaksh’s journey embodies the extraordinary potential of young minds. His creation, the Helping Hand V1, is a testament to the power of AI, coding, and robotics education. The project fosters technical skills and crafts solutions that address real-world challenges and touch countless lives. Codeavour plays a pivotal role in this transformation. It serves as launchpads, nurturing raw talent like Uplaksh and providing the support and guidance needed to translate passion into tangible solutions. By offering opportunities to collaborate, hone skills, and showcase ideas, Codeavour empowers young innovators to step onto the global stage and make a meaningful impact.

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