Parking Monitoring System

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We made a real-time parking monitoring system that can give you live data of parking slots available. For making this project live first, we trained our model (parking area space) in teachable machine. We created a different class for different cars available in parking. Then we have uploaded this model in Pictoblox by using a Machine learning extension and then code it.

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Face Recognition based Attendence System

I am here with a face recognition based attendance system. This project is based on the theme of 'THINK AUTOMATION', it means our world is changing by day to day life. The surroundings are changing with automatic systems like this , my project also helps the authorities to take the attendance in database with information like name,date,time etc. It have both faces with advantages and disadvantages. I have done this program using pictoblox. This is meant by think more about automation for simple life. These are my short description about my project.

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$m@rt Key

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This AI-based Smart Key is to bring Revolution in the Automobile Industry by providing a high level of security and ease of use to the owner. The Future scope of the project is enormous. The Next-Gen 'Smart Key' will scan the face of the user holding the key and give access to the Car only if the user is the registered owner of the car and turn on the engine for them. It is a Fail-Proof system that can never be tweaked easily.

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The Prevent ~O~ Corona

My project is a hardware project which will be very useful in schools and colleges and other public places which are recently re-opening after lockdown. Most of the people or students find it very difficult to prevent themselves from this deadly virus. When a person approaches to this, it will first detect whether that particular person is wearing a mask or not using a camera. If he/she is wearing a mask, then it will continue with the process. But if he/she is not wearing a mask, it will not continue. Next, it will sanitize the hands of the person. The angular motion of servo motor will be converted into linear motion, pushing the sanitizer. The person will be given 10 seconds to spread the sanitizer and move to the temperature detection. That’s when my LM35 comes into action; it detects the temperature of the thing touching it. After the results come out, it will report according to the temperature being more than or less than 33­0C.

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