Smart City

In this codeavour event we have selected the Automate the surrounding theme of track 1. And we have created a model of smart city. In which we have added a smart home automation system, a smart shopping mall and a smart dustbin. With this project we are going to make the cities and colonies smart. In the home automation we have added voice command based on NLP. To turn on the light speak 1, to make it off speak 2 and to turn on the fan speak 3 and to make it off speak 4. And in dustbin we have used ultrasonic sensor, if you put waste in front of that it will open the box of dustbin for 3 second and after that it will close automatically. And similarly in shopping mall we have added QR based products. It will generate your bill just by scanning the QR code.


The Automatic Paper Evaluator is a project leveraging text recognition technology within PictoBlox, aimed at automating the evaluation process for written assignments or exams. By utilizing advanced text recognition algorithms, the system can accurately extract and analyze textual content from handwritten or printed documents. Through PictoBlox’s intuitive interface, users can easily upload scanned papers or images containing text, initiating the evaluation process. The system then employs predefined evaluation criteria and algorithms to assess various aspects of the content, including grammar, coherence, and relevance to the topic. Additionally, it provides detailed feedback and scores, streamlining the grading process for educators and improving efficiency in assessing large volumes of papers. Ultimately, the Automatic Paper Evaluator enhances educational assessment practices by harnessing the power of text recognition technology within the user-friendly environment of PictoBlox.

Child Security System

In this project we have created a child security system sin pictoblox it contain AI chat bot which gives answer of all your questions after that we built an smart door unlocking system using pictoblox which detects the face and open the door else it start beeping and warn the child there is an automatic light also which automatically turns on when there is dark we have added weather information also which tells the latest weather of the city and at last we have a study video also that help your child to study.

Water Managment system

Our project is mainly to stop wastage of water and conserve it for the future. using Aruduino Uno, Relay Module , Ultra Sonic Sensor, Bread board and jumper wires.

AI Hand gesture robot

An AI hand gesture robot with evive is a system that uses artificial intelligence and evive to recognize and respond to hand gestures. It employs a robotic arm or platform with sensors and motors, interpreting gestures captured by a camera. Evive acts as the central control unit, coordinating gesture recognition with robotic actions. It offers interactive and intuitive human-machine interaction in various applications such as education, assistive devices, and entertainment.

Smart Shopping Trolley With Auto Billing System

Smart Shopping Trolley is a user interface for customers to Increase their Shopping Experience. This will increase the sales and profit of the Merchant. We have used Pictoblox to prepare this project. It consist of different features such as Machine Learning, QR code detection, Text to speech,etc.This project is made to bring revolution in the shopping Industry. Our project will change the way of shopping it will reduce the shopping lines. Save of time and Labour. It will reduce man power. It will provide with you bill directly.

Navigation Glassess

Navigation Glass is an innovative project that leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology alongside Quarky and ultrasonic sensors to create a cutting-edge navigation aid for visually impaired individuals. This system, named Navigation Glass, utilizes a speech recognition system to interpret verbal commands and provide real – time navigation guidance.
Equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, it detects obstacles and terrain changes in the user’s surroundings, allowing it to generate accurate spatial awareness, combined with Quarky’s powerful NLP capabilities, user’s surroundings, allowing it to generate accurate spatial awareness. Users can simply speak their destination or commands, such as “turn left at the next intersection” and navigation glass will intelligently guide them along their desired route.
Navigation glass empowers visually impaired individuals to navigate confidently in both indoor and outdoor environments. This innovative project not only enhances accessibility but also fosters inclusivity and independence for the visually impaired.

Automatic Surgical Instrument Disposer

Our project focuses on developing an Automatic Surgical Instrument Disposer, designed to enhance surgical efficiency, minimize human interaction to avoid infections, and reduce manpower requirements. Utilizing machine learning models, the device swiftly detects and identifies used instruments during surgeries. Upon detection, it automatically disposes of the used instruments and replaces them with fresh or sanitized ones. This innovative solution streamlines surgical procedures, minimizes contamination risks, and promotes a sterile operating environment, ultimately improving patient outcomes while reducing the need for human intervention.

Automatic Railway Gates

In our Automatic Railway Gates project, we address railway safety by implementing an automated gate system. Using machine learning algorithms, the system senses approaching trains and promptly closes railway crossing gates, preventing accidents and enhancing overall safety. Additionally, the project incorporates an alarming sound feature to alert animals and pedestrians, further reducing the risk of collisions and saving animals from train accidents.