Object Detection

My project is Object Detection in this if anything come infront of camera it will tell what is that object


It is a covid-bot a bot which can be placed anywhere,
and main work of this bot is to ask patient about symptoms and verify them
after verifying it suggest redemption and with out any speech using machine learning it appoints appointment with doctor.

Intelegent Parking Organizer

Project is a robot consisting of a camera with artificial intelligence coding at parking places using Teachable Machine and PictoPlox. The role is to recognize the cars plate colors and categorize them accordingly at parking. Diplomatic car plates will be allowed to park and civil plates will not be allowed.

pharma doctor

a box with four secure compartments that can keep medicaments and remind you to take them. it opens only for people above 10y.o and it can tell you which medicament you take based on your symptomes. also it can descride any medicament faced to the camera

Mark and his brother Max’s story

My project is a story of a boy called Mark who has younger brother called Max. Mark planned a surprise party for Max’s birthday and they enjoyed it lot. It is made from AI and ML, it has games, speech recognition and storytelling.

Fraud Detector

We can use the fraud detector to protect the essentials in our room .we protect valuable things like gold from thieves . The system will alert you if anyone other than me enters the room.