Programming Club Cameroon

Programming Club Cameroon is an Organisation registered by the government of Cameroon under the number:00001273/RDA/J06/A2/SAAJP/BAPP Our mission is to bring STEM education to kids of Cameroon and central African subregion. Our vision is to help Central African subregion kids become innovator and entrepreneur by coding their potential into reality.

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IOT Kids

IOT Kids is a leading Iraqi project to teach kids coding, robotics, AI and electronics. The goals are guiding the kids to use the modern technology in the right way, reducing its negative effects and gaining new skills like logical thinking and innovation. The project consisting of an online platform that kids can register to get online courses about coding and robotics. Furthermore, IOT Kids organizing courses to kids with association of private Iraqi schools and educational institutes. The IOT Kids activity is covered eight Iraqi cities, with qualified and trained team, full courses relies on STEM, curriculum suitable for all age categories. Our project was leading in introducing summer schools in Iraq with a new concept, which depends on learning, fun and sports training. - We have cooperation with many educational institutes inside and outside Iraq. - IOT kids is a member of the Arab Society for Robot and Artificial Intelligence. - Seedstar Award-winning for the Best Growth Startup Project in Iraq.

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Science Kidz is a maker community for children to foster innovation in the stream of Robotics, Technology and Coding. We provide platform for kids to learn technology concepts through interactive projects and robots and enhance their creativity as well as technical skills. We believe we exist to make learning enjoyable and engaging with the intention of fostering creativity, nurturing, and encouraging creator mentality.

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ATLAB is headquartered in Dubai and operates across the GCC region. The team comprises of specialists who have decades of experience in conceiving and designing learning solutions. A high level of understanding of the various pedagogical challenges involved in educational, vocational and workforce training, coupled with strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading providers, helps ATLAB to offer best-of-the-class solutions.

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WhiziFi Robotics Pvt Ltd

WhiziFi Robotics Pvt Ltd is mainly focused on Research and Product Development in the field of Robotics & Automation, also we are building Communities/Eco-systems through setting up Robotics & Automation Labs for Institutions and HOME LABS for the Students who want to become a Roboticist, along with the cutting-edge Mentorship on their Tinkering Journey. Mission: Build Strong Tech-Community in South TamilNadu Vision Establish a World-class Robotic Ecosystem in India

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Established in 2012, STEMians is an innovative and ingenious EdTech startup Company in Coimbatore with the novel vision of providing the education the world demands. We as a team understand the importance of STEM education in today’s fast-paced world and the role It plays in everyday life. This is why our focus is to spread it to all schools and educational Institutions – because children shape tomorrow’s future!

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Core Champ

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CORE CHAMP is an Educational Technology developing startup pioneering New concepts, Methodology, R&D and Design Initiative in STEM Education, Electronics, IT, AI, and also an initiative to promote “Make in India” and “Design in India”

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