The whole idea of Elitz is getting application based learning to students. And this can be only achieved with a practical oriented learning approach.

There are no readymade kits. It’s a fully component based learning where the child understands the purpose and importance of each component. The child further builds their own robots with the DIY components.

We encourage a fun based learning where every child is made to think out of the box, relate to real life scenarios. Every child can try many different methods to arrive at the solution.

The coding programs are also based on a unique problem solving approach. The child is given more emphasis on the fundamentals learning at the beginners level and an ongoing engagement is done to build and make the child future ready as they progress to the advanced and more challenging levels in the course.


Techademics is an educational company that provides curriculum educational services by transforming and integrating traditional curriculum to STEM programs along with STEM Labs in International schools in Egypt.

Techademics is recognized by Inquiry-based learning Techniques and that our curriculum leaves self-motivated creative learners with great self-management and metacognition skills. Thus, using the latest technology & Robotics in our tools and curriculum taught by highly trained engineers.


TenByTen offers unique programs in which children are introduced to computer science & programming, game & mobile app development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and much more. Our curriculum has been designed to maintain an equilibrium between fundamentals and latest technologies. Apart from online live lessons, we conduct various events, workshops, hackathons and much more to provide an over all learning experience for children. Based out of Delhi-NCR, India, we have served learners from different parts of the world in past three years. With an incomparable blend of efficiency, diversity and versatility, parents can expect the highest learning outcomes with us.

STEAM Kids Club

It is a special club to train children in programming and the principles of artificial intelligence & ML and robotics, in addition to learning the basics of electronics such as micro-bits, Arduino and sensors using the Pictoblox program.


Established in 2012, STEMians is an innovative and ingenious EdTech startup Company in Coimbatore with the novel vision of providing the education the world demands. We as a team understand the importance of STEM education in today’s Fast-paced world and the role It plays in everyday life. Which is why our focus is to spread it to all schools and educational Institutions – because children shape tomorrow’s future!

Training kids on this integrated stream has been a Full time schedule as it is a part of the student’s curriculum. Successful in training more than 10000 kids on STEM is our success as a team. The very most motive of STEMians is to be a hand to lead the future to the right path.

Really Edutech (리얼리에듀테크)

리얼리에듀테크는 기술이 지배하는 미래에서 탁월할 수 있도록 21세기 기술을 제공하는 동시에 새로운 기술에 대한 학생들의 마음을 일깨워 줌으로써 재미있는 학습 경험을 제공합니다!

kids2genius pvt ltd

‘One-Stop Solution for all Educational Needs’
Kids2Genius is one among the rapidly evolving organization in Maharashtra that renders compressive educational product and service. The core intent in establishing this organization is to predominantly encourage and contribute for an all round development of every kid.

As the name of our organization implies Kids2Genius, we believe every child has their unique set of skills which needs to be nurtured and shaped for their finer development. We excel in shaping every young mind with an exceptional intellect so as to recreate an ingenious individual for their endeavor ahead.

We aspire to bring out the passion and creativity of the curious minds as to which we could mould these young talents towards a promising future.

Kids2Genius comprehends every requirement and meticulously works to provide customize solutions to its stakeholders.

Our services and products shall enable our stakeholders to experience expertise solutions to reinforce their unique goals. With our exemplary services and products we assist students, teachers and schools to attain their sheer potential and succeed with the latest emergent and dynamics of the education system.


IOT Kids is a leading Iraqi project to teach kids coding, robotics, AI and electronics. The goals are guiding kids to use modern technology in the right way, reducing its negative effects and help kids in gaining new skills like logical thinking and innovation. The project consists of an online platform that kids can register in to get online courses about coding and robotics. Furthermore, IOT Kids is organizing courses to kids with association of private Iraqi schools and educational institutes. The IOT Kids activity has covered eight Iraqi cities, with qualified and trained team, full courses relying on STEM, curriculum suitable for all age categories.


SMART MIND TECH – STEM ROBOTICS helps you to create and nurture this ecosystem with its Innovation Program, which involves establishing a STEM Innovation Lab and providing training over a STEM Curriculum , we create the leaders of the new Generation.