GoGlobalWays is an educational initiative founded by Dr. Nidhi Khurana, a devoted mother and educator. It offers a comprehensive range of STEAM resources, including coding, AI, robotics, IoT,Python and the metaverse. Driven by a commitment to empower children, this initiative creates an engaging and interactive learning ecosystem, serving as a central hub for acquiring the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in a technology-driven future.

IE Skool (Formerly Infinite Engineers)

IESkool is an EdTech Startup Founded in 2013 by a Team of Passionate Problem Solvers and Designers.

Aimed To Unleash Every Child’s Potential Through Practical Hands-On Learning in STEM.

Your School’s STEM Education Partners, We have set up STEM Labs in 200+ Schools all over TamilNadu

Bonifon School of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

BSRAI is a leading educational institution dedicated to providing comprehensive STEAM education to school students. With a passion for nurturing young minds and igniting curiosity, we offer innovative programs and hands-on learning experiences. Our expert educators ensure that students develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and a strong foundation in the STEAM disciplines


STEAMVIDYA is a skill-based learning platform. We believe that learning STEAM – (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and maths) education at the early stages of academic life can help children develop critical thinking & problem-solving skills.