SMART MIND TECH – STEM ROBOTICS helps you to create and nurture this ecosystem with its Innovation Program, which involves establishing a STEM Innovation Lab and providing training over a STEM Curriculum. The project to teach children’s coding, robotics, AI, Ml and electronics. We encourage every child to think out and relate to the real life. we create the leaders of the new Generation.

Eureka Education

Guiding students for bright career in science , robotics,maths fields

Shivashakti Edumart

Shivashakti Edumart is a educational supply enterprise that provides solutions for school wear, STEM education, stationery goods and services. Our aim is to support the student to achieve excellence in their K-12 schooling journey. We provide our services through our offline and online store to provide the best experience to our customers. We take time to listen, understand and evolve to fit changing modern needs, always with an emphasis on providing the highest quality services.

Binary School

Robotics and Coding Boot camps.
Provider of Robotics and coding equipment and services.
Teaching students of all ages for the future to come

Stembridge Labs Private Limited

Stembridge Labs is technology driven, STEM-based hands-on learning services provider company. We aim to facilitate 21st Century learning in the classroom, our aim is to brings in the best educational resources to bring effective hands-on solutions into the hands of students and educators.

WhiziFi Robotics Lab

WhiziFi Robotics Private Limited is an Emerging Robotic company, we are diverse and passionate about being the best we can be. Join hands with us to make the nation and world sustainable through RAI (Robotics, AI & IoT) Technology.

“தேடுகல்வி இலாததோர் ஊரில்லை என்றொரு தேசம் உருவாக்குவோம்…”

Science Kidz

Science Kidz is a firm with an active maker community that offers a platform to stimulate creativity and promote innovation in the areas of electronics, robotics, and physical computing through a kit-based learning approach. The Engineers and Researchers at Science Kidz believe that learning should be enjoyable and engaging, with the intention of fostering creativity and nurturing and encouraging a creator mentality among kids. The mentors at Science Kidz have also earned awards as Coaches in various national and international Robotics competitions, where kids have presented innovative projects. With our wide variety of kit-based technology courses, we aim to make technology easily accessible to all and bring out the techno-creative spark within each child.


Pasir Gudang Digital Learning Center is an educational initiative developed in line with the aspirations of the Malaysian Education Development Plan (PPPM) 2013-2025 as a ‘showcase’ of Pasir Gudang district with special platform support for educators of the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) in providing, supporting and cultivating six key focuses collaboratively at various levels.

Orientations Centre

Orientations is a Centre offer a parallel STEM-based education journey to kids aging between 5 – 18 years old. In the other hand we are Accredited by USA, as well as a regional Robotics & Code Club Accredited by Raspberry PI Foundation UK. The journey includes Learning objectives, milestones, projects, activities, certificates and competitions all customized to fit the students age range.
Mainly we are creating Future leaders through entertaining Education.