Maker Club

We provide hands-on Engineering, Coding, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning workshops for students aged from 5years old to 17years plus. The workshops are run as In – school, After school, and weekend clubs. We also run holiday camps during the school holidays. We run these workshops as standalone clubs and in partnership with schools.

Shagoof (Egypt)

We, as a leading company, take pride in being the first in Egypt to equip artificial intelligence labs and provide STEM Education products for schools and companies in the educational technology field.
What sets us apart is our commitment to product quality and advanced technology. We work diligently to meet the needs of your schools and companies and help you maximize the benefits of technological transformation

DRMC Science Club

DRMC Science Club aims to encourage juvenile learners in eternal science-related activities.


A company for training and developing education in a fun and interesting way by motivating students to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as the STEM educational model builds learning these subjects together and linking them to applications by building projects that provide solutions that address challenges in various sectors emerging with technology and artificial intelligence and participating in them in competitions Local and international.

ManageTECT Institute of Technology and Strategy (MITS)

The ManageTECT Institute of Technology and Strategy (MITS) serves as a Center of Excellence dedicated to revolutionizing traditional learning methods through creative learning. Collaborating with International Partners, MITS offers the “STEM Robotics Adventure” program powered by Codeavour International, providing a hands-on and immersive experience to nurture the next generation of innovative thinkers and confident leaders. Our focus on STEM education, aims to cultivate young minds, fostering interest and proficiency in digital skills. MITS’s comprehensive approach includes interactive coding courses, workshops, and training events designed to inspire creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking, thereby equipping students with the tools necessary to excel in today’s digital world.


a pioneering EdTech company dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology for learners of all ages. With a strong focus on educational excellence, we strive to transform the way people learn and acquire knowledge.

Kifayat Education Co

An educational company that invests in establishing and operating private and international schools, and it is considered as a research and educational center dedicated to preparing students for 21st Century workplace careers by providing high quality educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) fields.


We are an Educational service provider. An academy to support your children Augment their Intellectual Metrics in Robotics, Coding, and Mathematical methods.

리얼리ai (REALLYai)

리얼리ai (REALLYai) was established in 2020 and has grown into an education company leading Korean education, including smart learning and edutech. 리얼리ai (REALLYai) smart learning method awakens our children’s dormant design thinking and computational thinking, and develops self-directed learning habits. In the future, 리얼리ai (REALLYai) education will provide balanced education from basics to completion, making it an interesting school where communication between people and machines is free.