Young Siblings from Egypt Shine at the International Fest with Health-Focused AI Project

Ravan and Rewana, the winners of Codeavour 2022

Ravan (11) and Rewana (15), young siblings from Egypt, ventured on an extraordinary journey in the world of coding and AI. Their quest began with a fascination for technology, leading them to explore various competitions and platforms. Their introduction to Codeavour was crucial, opening doors to a universe filled with educational resources and cutting-edge knowledge.

Discovering Codeavour

It was during their engagement with MILSET Asia’s online competitions that they first heard about Codeavour. This discovery was a turning point, beginning an exciting and challenging journey. They dived headfirst into the vast ocean of AI and technology, absorbing every bit of information from educational videos and resources that Codeavour offered.

The Role of Family Support

In this journey, the persistent support of their parents was influential. Providing both material and moral backing, their parents ensured Ravan and Rewana had everything they needed to succeed. Their father, especially, was a constant source of guidance, sharing educational tips and programming knowledge that enriched their learning experience.

Inspiration Behind The Project (For a Good Health)

The idea for their project, “For a Good Health,” was born from a keen observation of a common problem in today’s digital age: the health implications of prolonged computer use. Realizing the widespread nature of this issue, they were inspired to create a solution that combined their passion for technology with a desire to promote health and well-being.

Addressing a Modern Challenge

Their project is a testament to their innovative spirit. “For a Good Health” uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to combat the health risks associated with improper sitting postures during computer use. This digital solution acts as a vigilant companion, alerting users to correct their posture, thereby reducing the risk of muscle strain and other related health issues.

The Project’s Impact and Future Potential

Rawan & Ravena' s Project work

This creative solution has garnered attention for its technical capability and practical application in everyday life. The project resonates with a global audience, addressing a universal concern in the modern, tech-driven world. Their work is a ray of hope, showing how young minds can leverage technology for societal good.

A Bright Future Ahead

Ravan and Rewana’s journey through Codeavour has been more than just about coding and competition; it has been a transformative experience, shaping them into young innovators with a vision. Their teacher, witnessing their growth, sees a bright future for them in the tech world. Their project’s success and recognition are just the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable journey in technology and innovation.

In Their Own Words: Ravan and Rewana’s Reflection

Revan and Rewana showcasing the use of PictoBlox

In our journey through Codeavour, we discovered how technology can address real-world issues. Our project ‘For a Good Health’ was inspired by the health impacts of prolonged computer use, which we experienced. We aimed to raise awareness about the importance of proper posture and movement for those spending long hours at computers. Our project demonstrates that technology is not just for winning competitions but a powerful tool for improving life and well-being, showcasing how young minds can make a real difference.

A Source of Inspiration

Ravan and Rewana’s story is not just about winning a competition; it’s about young minds seeing a problem and using their skills and creativity to solve it. Their journey from curious learners to award-winning innovators is a source of inspiration, showing that young people can make significant contributions to the world with passion, support, and hard work. They stand as shining examples for others, proving that age is no barrier to making a positive impact through technology.

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