Coding for Health: A Young Innovator Created Coding and Robotics Project for Respiratory Syndrome

Ana Elisa, 14, of São Paulo, Brazil, recently emerged victorious in Codeavour 2022, the world’s largest AI and Coding festival organized by STEMpedia. Through her project, Ana illuminated a flare of inspiration for youngsters across the globe. This triumph wasn’t just a conquest of technical finesse but a tale of curiosity, learning, and the tireless support of her mentor, Eder, and her parents. With the innovative PictoBlox application in her arsenal, Ana targeted a pathetic issue that society grapples with, especially amidst the global pandemic. She proved that technology can be a powerful change agent when plied with youthful creativity.

Venturing on this journey with mere enthusiasm and an insatiable appetite to delve deeper into artificial intelligence, Ana’s inception into Codeavour was born from a casual conversation with her advisor, Eder.

Ana reflects, 

“The intricate shades of possibilities offered by PictoBlox were evident from the get-go. It became a medium through which we could seek solutions for pervasive issues in our society, especially for post-COVID-19 patients and those grappling with respiratory ailments like asthma and bronchitis.”

Under Eder’s mentorship, Ana engaged in a reciprocal learning journey amidst the competition.

Eder, Mentor of Ana, shares:

“Ana Elisa is not just a dedicated student but a benefactor to her peers. Her project, which notably became one of the finalists at the prestigious Regeneron ISEF 2022, showcased her technical proficiency and heartfelt concern for societal issues.”

The journey wasn’t solely hers but a collective experience, with her parents playing a key role. They consistently fueled her courage to navigate new challenges and explore uncharted territories of technology and AI. “Their unwavering faith and encouragement have always been my guiding stars,” she acknowledges. The project, crafted to aid post-COVID-19 patients and individuals battling respiratory issues, underscored the versatility of PictoBlox as a platform. Meanwhile, it also illustrated how playful learning could be symbiotically linked with problem-solving.

Ana adds, “Codeavour wasn’t just a competition; it was a kaleidoscope through which I could peer into the diverse ways AI can assist humanity.” The journey through Codeavour unfolded in a domain where technology served not as mere tools but as companions in addressing everyday challenges. As a result, it propels youngsters like Ana into becoming active contributors to shaping the future.

Celebrations were in order post-victory, with a triumphant car parade and school celebration in her hometown, validating the real-world impact of her endeavors. Ana’s journey and success with PictoBlox, leading her to represent her country on the global stage in Regeneron ISEF and garner media attention, have sown seeds of inspiration among her peers and community.

Through Ana’s story, STEMpedia’s Codeavour stands out as a colossal platform that not only cultivates technological proficiency among the youth but sparks, nurtures, and celebrates their innovative spirit, molding them into the changemakers of tomorrow.

Ana concludes, “Our project is a testament to the distances one can traverse when technology and innovation go hand in hand. I hope our journey inspires many youngsters to leverage their creativity in sculpting solutions for humanity’s challenges.”


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