10-Year-Young Indian Coder is Winning the Climate Battle for Farmers with her AI Project

Aditi, a young coder with 'Soil Doctor,' her award-winning AI project setup

Aditi Bhut, 10, of Ahmedabad, India, stands out for her passion for AI and coding and commitment to leveraging technology for social good. Crowned the winner of Codeavour 2022, Aditi has tackled one of the most pressing issues faced by Indian agriculture: the challenges of crop and soil damage due to climate variability. 

Observing the struggles of local farmers with these agricultural hurdles, Aditi initiated the “Soil Doctor” project. Her innovative AI project combines advanced technology with practical farming needs, offering a twofold solution. Aditi Bhut’s journey from a coding enthusiast to a technology innovator underscores her vision of a future where technology and empathy converge to solve real-world problems.

Project – Soil Doctor (Harvesting Hope with AI Innovation)

Aditi’s AI project, Soil Doctor, consists of two models:

Model 1 helps farmers choose the right crop to plant based on the soil’s pH and humidity levels. It has two sensors: a humidity sensor and a pH sensor. The sensor readings are used to classify the soil into four categories: 

  • Low-Temperature Low Humidity (LTLH)
  • Low-Temperature High Humidity (LTHH)
  • High-Temperature Low Humidity (HTLH)
  • High-Temperature High Humidity (HTHH)

Based on the classification, the computer suggests more than one crop to plant. The farmer can then select one crop, and the model will compare the required pH for that crop to the actual pH of the soil. If the pH levels differ, the model will dispense fertilizer to adjust the pH level.

AI Soil Doctor project with sensors for smart farming and pH adjustment

Model 2 helps farmers irrigate their crops efficiently. It has a moisture sensor that monitors the moisture level of the soil. When the moisture level falls below 50%, the pump starts irrigating and continues until the moisture level reaches 60%.

Soil Doctor helps Indian farmers choose the right crops, solve their issues of crop damage, and increase yield by analyzing the crucial factors of the soil.

Inspiration Behind the Project (Helping Indian Farmers)

AI project setup with sensors, laptop, and soil, aiding Indian farmers

The AI project, “Soil Doctor,” was born from her deep care for the environment and a desire to help Indian farmers facing tough times because of global warming. Weather changes, crop damage, and lower harvests were causing big problems for farmers, like losing money and not having enough produce to sell. Aditi knew she had to do something. So, she used her skills in coding and her love for technology to create “Soil Doctor.” Her AI project uses special sensors and smart technology to help farmers understand their soil better and grow healthier crops.

Aditi’s adventure began when she discovered Codeavour 2022 International, the biggest AI, robotics, and coding competition for students. At Codeavour, a project called Dector inspired her, and there, she decided to make her project to help our farmers. The International Fest was the perfect place for her to bring her idea to life. It allowed her to work with experts, learn new things, and use a cool coding and programming software called PictoBlox.

Aditi’s story shows us that you can use technology to make a big difference no matter how young you are. If you’re interested in coding and want to help solve big problems, you could be like Aditi and create something amazing!

Parent’s Support (The Nourishing Soil for Innovation)

Young Aditi working on her AI soil analysis project with laptop and sensors

While Codeavour provided the platform, Aditi’s parents were the fertile ground where her innovation flourished. Their unwavering support, belief in her abilities, and constant encouragement were instrumental in her success. They nurtured her curiosity, instilled a problem-solving mindset, and helped her understand the impact technology could have on the world.

Project’s Impact and Future Potential

Aditi innovates with AI project 'Soil Doctor' for sustainable farming future

Aditi’s pioneering project, Soil Doctor, is about changing how we farm for a sustainable future. The innovation helps farmers save time, cut costs, and grow more crops. Thanks to her hard work and love for the environment, Soil Doctor is on its way to revolutionizing agricultural practices. Aditi isn’t just looking for success; she wants to make a real difference. 

Her goal is to make farming easier and more productive. Soil Doctor isn’t just a project; it’s a step towards a future where farming works harmoniously with nature, ensuring everyone has enough to eat while caring for our planet.

A Source of Inspiration

Aditi Bhut’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and determination. Her unwavering commitment to creating positive change through technology has significantly impacted how we commit. As she continues to pursue her dreams, Aditi is poised to inspire countless others and leave an indelible mark on the world of AI and coding. She is a remarkable example of how determination and passion for something can make a difference and help millions!

Today, we can sow seeds of innovation to harvest a sustainable tomorrow.

– Aditi Bhut, winner of Codeavour 2022

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