Strengthen the Health Infrastructure

As the world is facing a plethora of challenges in the healthcare industry, we need to strengthen our health infrastructure, so choose this theme to make projects to overcome the challenges related to the health sector.

You can code to make awareness stories, games to understand standard operating procedures, or real-world solutions like mask detectors, Sanitisation bots, AI medical assistants, IoT-based patient monitoring systems, tracing or tagging systems, and much more.

Face Mask Detector

Virtual Doctor

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Pneumonia Detector Using X-ray Images

Automate the Surroundings

If you are someone who loves to code to embed technology in day-to-day life or household stuff, then this theme is a great choice for you.

Here, you can make automated door openers, AI assistants like Alexa, house cleaning bots, pet feeders, security systems, automated plant watering systems, or even a robot that can help you to do your school homework, etc.

Facial Recognition Security System

Automatic Plant Watering System

Smart Home Automation

Automatic Cat Feeder

Make Smart Transportation System

With an increase in the world population, we are facing many challenges to manage traffic on roads and avoid accidents, & we need smart transportation systems to tackle this.

So if you are someone who thinks out of the box, choose this theme to bring innovative ideas to improve traditional ways of transport. Here, You can make self-driving cars, line followers, AI delivery bots, etc

Line Following Robot

AI Road Safety System

Flight Simulator

Self-Driving Cars

Entertain the World

Everybody wants to have fun in life, so if you are good at entertaining people, choose this theme to create entertainment solutions.

Here, you can create fun games, AI-based face filters, human expression mimicking systems, soccer playing bots, humanoids showing dance moves, or even a smart assistant to tell jokes, etc.

AI Based Rock Paper scissor

Face Filters

Flappy Bird Game

Air Draw

Save the Environment

All across the world, we are facing natural disasters because we are consuming or producing things irresponsibly. So, if you are a responsible citizen and want to motivate others, you can work on this theme.

Here, you can create awareness stories or animations, games to understand climate action, smart dustbin, garbage sorting systems, alternate solutions to plastic, clean energy solutions, etc.

Smart Dustbin

Autonomous Garbage Collector

Sea Cleaning Robot

Renewable Energy Resources

Explore the outer world

If you are inspired by Elon Musk’s SpaceX or recent space flights of Richards Bransons and Jeff Bezos or you are a NASA or ISRO fan, This theme could be a great choice to work upon.

Here, you can create Mars Rovers, prototypes of Rocket, Satellite or Spaceships, Animations or games based on space exploration, etc.


Our Solar System

Mars Rover Simulator

Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV)

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