Codeavour 2022 Sample Projects

Save the Environment

Natural disasters are becoming more frequent and intense due to irresponsible consumption and production practices worldwide. As a responsible citizen, you can motivate others to take action on this issue by creating interesting projects on this theme and stand out as a changemaker of the future!

Here are some engaging ways to create awareness and promote sustainability:  stories, animations or games based on climate action, trash recycling, garbage sorting systems, alternate solutions to plastic, clean energy solutions, etc.

Wind Sensor Alarm

Smart Recycling Bin

Green Lights


Smart Trash

Revolutionarize the agriculture

Today, in the 21st century, agriculture is progressing towards a revolution of advancements. An agricultural technology revolution where emerging technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT, etc. are increasing yields, bettering water efficiency, and creating resilience and sustainability across crop cultivation, animal husbandry. 

To become a pillar in this revolution, you can create innovative models and projects based on this theme that showcase emerging agricultural technologies with the goal of increased crop production, soil treatment, and water management.

Soil Doctor

Dector 2.0

Water Recycling

Balcony Farming

Grow Plant with Robot

Automate the Surroundings

Technology enthusiasts that enjoy automating and digitalising the world around them have a great option of crafting hi-tech automation projects and activities based on this theme showcasing their talent and creativity!

Some of the sample projects based on this theme which are a fabulous representation of how these technologies work include – automated door openers, AI assistants like Alexa, house cleaning bots, pet feeders, security systems, automated plant watering systems, or a robot that can help you with your school homework, etc.

Crowd Control System

Smart gates

Smart Mirror

Helping Hand

Smart Parking Tower

Strengthen the health infrastructure

The healthcare industry is facing a multitude of challenges, and it’s crucial to strengthen our health infrastructure to overcome them. Make projects on this theme that address the challenges related to the health sector. And the possibilities are endless! 

You can code to make awareness stories, games to understand standard operating procedures, or real-world solutions like mask detectors, sanitization bots, AI medical assistants, IoT-based patient monitoring systems, tracing or tagging systems, and much more.

Radia AI

Fruit Fiesta

For a Good Health


Sakhi - Humanoid Robot

Educate the World

Educating the world is essential for creating a more sustainable and equitable future. The theme ‘Educate the world’ is about ensuring that everyone has access to quality education, regardless of their gender, race, or background.  

Integration of high-end technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics and Coding has made this access more easy by serving as a medium of high quality remote education with hands-on learning – leading to a brighter future in this digital age!

Participants who behold the purpose of spreading the reach of quality education in the globe can create projects based on this theme and revolutionize the way of learning! Some of the sample projects based on this theme include – AI-powered teaching systems, student’s progress monitoring systems, teacher’s training programmes, and etc.

Mr. Help

Food - AI

Be My Reader

Be My Eyes

Emergency Buddy