Smart Attendance Health System SAHS

a project that reduces the human cadre and provides statistics data on the primary cases of corona disease and public health for students and workers in schools/universities and offices by using technical system for the attendance through the smart screen and sensors for fingerprint, oxygen in blood and body temperature

Car game into maze

It is a game like puzzle but it is a game of a car in which the car has to reach near his destination which is apple in the map of maze and if u touched the black lines the game will be over …

Witch Treasure Hunt

This gaming app uses AI/ML concepts for entertaining people. The central character for this game is a witch who has lost her hut with treasures. The player would need to help her find it by answering riddles. The correct answer will take the player further into the game.

Maze game

Maze game is a video game genre description first used by journalists during the 1980s to discribe any game in which the entire playing feild is a maze.

Multipurpose mini map

In our minimap there is so much of things like there is a garbage collector ambulance and there is a cab we have to make it function like that it can work so much of once time so we have done the coding so we have done that and we have made one hospital, garage, society, mention, dealership, big dustbin, so we have made this things.

Solar System

It is a project on solar system (On planets visited by human beings and Sun)
and has short quiz to answer.

smart library

My project is about organizing the books in the library. It develops a system in which the robot recognizes the books and tells us where to put them on the library’s bookshelf