Rubbish? Gone.

Rubbish? Gone.” is a simple game about saving the ocean. The player can use W, A, S, and D keys, the arrow keys or a finger to move a submarine that collects rubbish. The player must not let 3 pieces of rubbish to land on the ocean floor. They also shouldn’t touch 3 sea creatures. The result of touching 3 sea creatures or letting 3 pieces to rubbish to land on the ocean floor is that the player will lose. Successfully collecting 15 pieces of rubbish will result in the player winning. The player can choose to play as many times as they want. Have fun!

Candi Borobudur experience

This game is about a wayang kulit (Central java tradition) explaining to us what is Candi Borobudur, the history behind it, and the fascinating facts of it. At the end of the animation / learning, the Wayang kulit will play a game with us similar to Mario. We have to collect the true facts about Candi Borobudur and avoid the bad things related to Candi Borobudur. If we touch the good coin, our score will add up by 1, but if we touch the bad coin, our score will be set to 0 an forced to restart.

The reason why we made this is because the current generation is more focused at playing games or chatting on their phones, rather then learning your own country. So i made a game that is fun and also teaches our country’s ruins

Crazy Doctor

I created Crazy Doctor because many people do not know what object is good for their body and some people do not have money to go to halodoc so I created an application that can check if an object is good or not for the human body. So my game is help people to show if object near them is good or not by detecting from the camera and dragging some object from the games i use machine learning to detect the object if its good or bad.

I hope this Crazy doctor application help many people

Passion Quiz

Passion Quiz integrates AI facial expression analysis to offer a comprehensive insight into each child’s preferences and strengths. Committed to ongoing enhancement, we aim to collaborate with child psychologists to refine our methods, ensuring superior accuracy and effectiveness in identifying and nurturing children’s passions. Additionally, we provide engaging multiple-choice quizzes to further enhance the interactive learning experience. With our commitment to innovation and collaboration, we strive to create a dynamic platform that empowers children to explore their interests and excel in their educational journey while fostering a deep love for learning.

Save the World!

My project is about a game that is pretty easy to play. With instructions also some challenges. The reason why i made the project is because i want to teach other people to save our world. Also i joined this competition to make everyone impressed of my skills at coding. The game that i made is pretty hard to make. Due to lots of bugs also forgets to save the project and the pictoblox app crashed while i was making the project. I got a few solutions and also existing solutions in the video. You can check it out if you wanna see how i did solve the problem. Also im sorry if i have a bad voice or something missing. And thats all, Thank you 😀

EcoSaver Adventure

I created a project or game using pictoblox with the theme “Save the Environment” to educate people. I made this game because I want to tell people to take care of this world. One of the ways that I make in my game is planting trees or reforestation. Trees or forests are also very important for this world to prevent various kinds of natural disasters that can occur if the forest environment only has a few trees. Disasters that can occur are floods. Floods can be caused because there are no trees to absorb the water. In this game I also teach people to be patient. I describe being patient in the game as waiting for the tree that the player has planted to grow up. I also use AI or artificial intelligence innovation to run the game. I have resolved all the errors when making the game

Solve To Drive

Solve To Drive is a fun math quiz game which is in the game you need to answer a question which has a total of 10 questions and the questions will get harder each level you play/solve. And the mission is to drive the car & collect the diamond. Drive to solve offers a unique combination of engaging gameplay and educational content that are accessible for everyone.

Save The Ocean

Plastic and trash in the ocean is a big problem to our planet, Earth. It chokes the innocent sea creatures and pollute the ocean. In 24 May 2013, Dong Nguyen decided to make a game called Flappy Bird. Ever since then, he has earned over $50 000 per day just because of his creation. After hearing this, we got inspired and decided to make our game better and educative. We called our game “Save The Ocean”. By making this game, we hope that this game will inspire everyone in the world to save the ocean. We made it very simple and easy to play. Not only it is educative but also a family friendly game. By the time people play our game, we hope that they will be aware and will help us save the ocean.

Save the Ocean

The education provides information about marine pollution issues, their impact on the environment, and steps that can be taken to help save the oceans. It may include articles, interesting facts, images, or short videos that provide an understanding of the urgency of ocean conservation. The Story page is where players can play fun and educational games related to the theme of ocean conservation. One of the available games might be a game where players control a turtle that must avoid ocean debris and reach specific goals. To provide players with an interactive experience to reinforce the knowledge gained from the education page and make learning about environmental issues enjoyable. In this game, players control a turtle character that must avoid plastic, metal, chemical, and organic waste floating in the ocean. Players must collect positive items such as marine food and entertainment while avoiding contact with the debris.

Youth Climate Action

Many young people underestimate their role in addressing global warming, often leaving it to adults. However, their everyday choices, such as excessive energy usage and single-use plastics, worsen the problem. Our solution tackles this by introducing a dynamic app that educates, raises awareness, and provides personalized action steps. With features like reporting and rewards, the app promotes positive behavior change and connects users to relevant resources. Our innovation combines education, habit tracking, actionable steps, and rewards, offering a comprehensive strategy to understand and reduce environmental impact. Our business model centers on a free software platform that builds a community of young individuals, serving as both a learning tool and a data collection system focused on climate-related information.
For revenue generation, we will integrate paid advertising/CSR/Grant opportunities for companies and organizations seeking to connect with our engaged user base