Bot Maze Game

This is a fun brain storming maze game which can be played by using joystick . It consist of animation and hardware play this and forget stress.

Clean the ocean and the environment

تم الاشتراك

We created this game to participate Codeavour 2021, Our team Smart programmers introduces this game wich is about collecting dirt and garbage for a clean and healthy environment

Enemy shooter

I have done a project in which the we can kill the enemies from a rocket using the 4 arrows which are right , left , back and front after clicking the green flag . It is game in which we get entertainment and also quick moves .

Mark and his brother Max’s story

My project is a story of a boy called Mark who has younger brother called Max. Mark planned a surprise party for Max’s birthday and they enjoyed it lot. It is made from AI and ML, it has games, speech recognition and storytelling.

Flappy happy game

I have created a fun and interactive game to entertain kids. They will receive audio prompts to help them. I wanted to recreate this with more help for those who have visual impairments. I think it is fun and competitive to play with your friends to reach higher scores.

Eat your Bananas

Eat your banana’s is a children’s game designed to educate youngsters on healthy eating and well-being. We wanted to compliment our players with mindful eating tips when they are able to catch the bananas successfully and score in the game. We wanted young children to understand 5 a day.

Guess the Cricketers

The topic of my project is Guess the Cricketers. In this you have to guess the names of the cricketers in the game. There are only two cricketers. I hope you like it. Thank you.

Dogemon Game

I have designed and developed a game named DOGEMON, which is a battle between two players with a ” Dogemon” each on their side. Dogemons have ” attacks”. If an attack touches opponent’s Dogemon, HP of opponent will increase. Player with less HP at the end of 129 seconds – wins.