unique maths

We have make this project because we have seen many student they are week in mathematics . So we make maths quiz for them and our project is to give knowledge . They will give reviews then we will make next levels.

Picto wood

This project aims to tell us how environment is important for human life. I wish “Picto wood” project shall encourage us to save a environment, not for us but for all.

Automatic Railway Gates

In our Automatic Railway Gates project, we address railway safety by implementing an automated gate system. Using machine learning algorithms, the system senses approaching trains and promptly closes railway crossing gates, preventing accidents and enhancing overall safety. Additionally, the project incorporates an alarming sound feature to alert animals and pedestrians, further reducing the risk of collisions and saving animals from train accidents.

Wonders Explorer

Our interactive software project invites you to embark on a virtual tour of the Seven Wonders of the World, offering a unique opportunity to delve into the rich history and awe-inspiring beauty of these iconic sites.

Gves best

Your project is for student in this student can learn many things and also play game there are three part syllabus base quiz environment base quiz and car game . In in every quiz first it student will be thought and then student will ask a question and student should give answer .In car game we can move are car left or right to protect for another car and we don’t have to go outside the road if we will go outside the road our life will decrease that all . THANK YOU

Save the enviorment

Save The Environment is an educational project on Pictoblox focusing on proper rubbish disposal for recycling. Divided into two sections, it starts with an educational segment presenting information and visuals on common household rubbish items. Through engaging animations and text, users learn about recycling’s significance and how to dispose of materials like plastic, paper, glass, and metal correctly. The content is interactive, ensuring user engagement.

Following this, users transition to the game section, applying their knowledge in a fun, challenging environment. Here, they navigate virtual scenarios like city parks or residential neighborhoods, encountering scattered rubbish items. By dragging and dropping items into corresponding recycling bins (e.g., plastic, paper, glass), users earn points and progress through increasingly difficult levels. The gameplay features interactive elements like power-ups and obstacles, such as overflowing bins or misplaced items, enhancing engagement. Overall, Save The Environment educates users on recycling while providing an entertaining gaming experience.

Geoometry Dash

It is A game Launched on 13th august 2013.Geometry Dash consists of 26 full-length levels made by its developer, RobTopGames; 22 are auto-scrolling, and 4 are ‘platformer’ levels. It has a level creation system, where players can create their own custom levels.Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based platform game developed.It is a 2D platform game that involves dodging geometric obstaclesin a series of levels.Euclid was a Greek mathematician and is also known as the ‘father of Geometry’Egypt has been called the ‘gift of the Nile’ and ‘the Mother of Geometry’.

Picking up garbage

There is a girl who finds a river near her house but it full of garbage. She needs the help to clean it save the environment . so we have converted it into
a game so it is fun . Press the space key to start the game .

Save Our Environment

This game is about saving the environment. It has 3 levels. First level is a quiz, second level is collecting the trash that falling, third level is collecting the trash and solving the maze with your mouse.