RoboFun Lab Pvt. Ltd.

RoboFun Lab® is an environment to experiment with new technologies and concepts in fun & hands on learning. We endeavour to transform learning CS-STEM (Computer Science – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) from conventional to Hands-On, following the saying, "Your hands know more than you think they know" RoboFun Lab® is not an alternative learning system but a part of existing academic curriculum. Our curriculum is meticulously designed for each grade and various education boards (GSEB, CBSE, ICSE & IB) with a complete 4C structure (Connect–Construct–Contemplate–Continue), as recommended by the leading universities and educators across the globe. At RoboFun Lab® Lab, each child is seen as future's innovator and is nurtured accordingly. We emphasize on teaching students on ‘ ways of learning’ instead of ‘just learning’ what they need to learn. This way, they identify the best suitable method to clear their academic concepts and know real life applications of their studies. Our vision is to see every child actively engaged in the seeing, doing and understanding of science, mathematics and language. Our next generation deserves the opportunity to view language, science and maths based technologies as relevant, fun and something that every one of us - even the youngest can participate in here and now, and contemplate to as something learned in classroom textbooks. When children appreciate the world scientifically, it turns existence into both a marvel and an opportunity to make something of that marvel. Ultimately this turns RoboFun Lab® into an innovation hub where both marvel and opportunity flourish, fuelled by an appreciation of hands on learning approach.

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UK Robotix Inc.

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UK Robotix is a Canada based company with operational center in Surrey, BC. We are a team of experts with complementary skills and a combined experience of 40 years. We see our role in delivering education and knowledge as ‘facilitators of information’ and not simply as ‘teachers’. Our Educational Robotix specialist and our Childhood Brain Development expert are based and operate from Canada, while our founder is a Computer Visionary and Robotics Specialist based in India. UK Robotix will primarily be working on two main models of delivering robotics education, online courses and expert-led workshops in schools. Our online courses are designed to motivate and excite young learners by teaching them the skills they need to create their own robotics devices, while at the same time help them gain a deeper understanding in the application of these different areas of study. Our expert workshops will lead teams of students in a guided discovery approach. Working in teams develops communication skills, confidence and leadership alongside cutting edge science, design and computing skills. Students will learn the essentials of Robotics by actually building themselves, rather than simply from the page, which creates an optimum learning environment for deep learning and stimulates problem solving skills.

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Women in STEM Nepal

We are a social enterprise that encourages young girls of age group 10-25 years to learn and lead in computing fields.​ We aim to aware young girls about STEM education and create an environment for girls to pursue the STEM career by providing skill-based workshops and mentorship.

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MakersPlace GH

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Makersplace is a technology driven learning and skills development company with a competent team from a diverse background in STEM. We teach kids between the ages of 7 - 17 years Robotics, Electronics, Coding, 3D Modeling, and 3D Printing. We believe that all children can learn and succeed but not at the same pace and environment.

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openSTEM is based in Dublin, Ireland and specialises in the delivery of e-learning in the exciting new areas of Visual Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. openSTEM training is delivered using a combination of micro-learning, social-learning and experiential-learning because we learn best when we engage with like-minded people to share our passion and experiences.

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Techademics has long recognized the Importance of STEM education. We believe that STEM curriculum is not only important for a young person’s education development, but also to the future of education & industries in the middle east. Our Aim by STEM learning is not only to produce tomorrow's designers and engineers; but also to develop innovative mindsets and the ability to problem-solve, ensuring that our students become creators of technology, not just passive consumers.

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GoGlobalWays is an education initiative which endeavors to be a second home to kids. We have pioneered a unique approach to teaching by conducting our online programs LIVE and in small, interactive groups of students. GoGlobalWays is an Online platform for kids of the age group 6-13. STEAM | CODING | ROBOTICS | IOT | AI | GAME | ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT. In the 21st century, success is no longer about what to think. To stand out and win in the highly competitive world, our children have to learn how to think. This, however, is not what they will learn under ordinary, conventional education systems. ‘STEAM Education’, simply focus on “Educate to Innovate.

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