Introduction to Quarky

Introduction to Quarky

Quarky, the AI learning robotics kit for kids to learn Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Machine learning. #FutureReadyWithQuarky will now be a means to galvanize the realms of AI Education as we know it and your presence at an event of this magnitude will be deeply appreciated.


Self Driving Car

  • Explore the future of transportation with our focus on self-driving cars.
  • Discover the groundbreaking technology that powers autonomous vehicles and reshapes the way we commute.
  • Delve into the world of sensors, artificial intelligence, and their practical applications in self-driving cars.
  • Join us on this journey to understand the potential influence of self-driving cars on our everyday lives.


Edge Detection Robot

  • Explore the realm of edge detection effortlessly with Quarky, a user-friendly block-based programming platform.
  • Our concise tutorial offers step-by-step guidance on the captivating process of identifying edges in images.
  • Empower yourself to delve into the intriguing fields of computer vision and image processing with Quarky.
  • Unveil the art of edge detection seamlessly, thanks to Quarky’s intuitive interface.