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In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and entrepreneurship, Codeavour 2023-24 emerges as a creative event, setting the stage for young innovators and problem solvers. This international competition, focused on ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship,’ goes beyond being just a contest. It’s a journey where students can explore, create, and find solutions to real-world problems. 

Additionally, the International Fest aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), promoting global awareness and responsibility among young minds. Continue reading to learn how Track 1 of Codeavour 5.0 International encourages the student innovation challenge with 21st-century skills like AI, Coding, and Robotics.

Introduction to Track 1: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Track 1 of Codeavour 2023-24 is focused on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, encouraging students to combine their coding skills with entrepreneurial thinking using PictoBlox. It’s a unique platform for junior entrepreneurs to explore, innovate, and present solutions that could shape the future. 

The track offers five crucial themes, each highlighting a significant global issue. These themes perfectly align with the UNSDGs and are designed to challenge young minds to think creatively about pressing global issues and leverage technology for sustainable solutions. Codeavour Track 1 is available online and offline.

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About the Themes of Track 1

Each theme at Track 1 Codeavour is a sharp call for action on crucial global issues. These include,

  • Save the Environment: This theme addresses critical environmental challenges like pollution, deforestation, climate change, and biodiversity loss. It encourages participants to devise innovative solutions for a sustainable future.
  • Strengthen the Health Infrastructure: The focus here is on revolutionizing healthcare systems. Participants must understand the need for innovation in healthcare systems, targeting improvements in infrastructure, medical technology, and emergency preparedness.
  • Revolutionize Agriculture: This theme encourages strategic thinking of agricultural practices, aiming for sustainability and food security on a global scale.
  • Educate the World: This theme emphasizes the transformation of education to be more inclusive and accessible. The focus is on gender equality and ensuring quality learning opportunities for all generations.
  • Automate the Surroundings: The theme focuses on creating a smarter, more automated world, enhancing daily life through advanced technologies in smart homes, intelligent cities, and automated industries.

As participants, you will dive into specific themes, turning your creativity into real-world solutions. Your
PictoBlox-based projects will solve actual problems using technology and innovation. Get ready for inspiring ideas and impactful creations that could change the world! This International Fest is where imagination meets real change.

Participation Rules and Guidelines

Here are a few participation rules and guidelines for Track 1 Codeavour: 

  • Track 1 emphasizes individual or team participation (up to three members)
  • The projects must be themed around environmental, health, agriculture, education, or automation. 
  • Projects must use PictoBlox for programming and can include compatible hardware like Quarky, evive, Micro:bit, Arduino, ESP32, and others
  • Mentor involvement is restricted to guidance, and any direct participation in project creation or presentation leads to disqualification
  • This framework ensures fairness and fosters innovation within the competition’s set technological and thematic boundaries.

For more information, read our detailed
Track 1 Rulebook.

Project Submission Process and Evaluation Criteria

Here are the details for the project submission and evaluation process.

Submission Process:

  • Each team is allowed only one project submission. One registration qualifies for one project submission only; for submitting more than one project, the team or an individual has to register again.
  • The project must be original and created by the participants.
  • You can not change your project after regionals. However, you can still add minor updates and refinements to your project. This ensures continuity and fairness in the competition.
  • Online submission requires:
    • A cover image (1920 x 1080 pixels) representing the innovation and the participants.
    • A project description (100-150 words) highlighting the innovation’s key features.
    • PictoBlox file(s) of the project.
    • A YouTube video (5-10 minutes) covering the project demonstration, innovation overview, team introduction, and theme selection rationale.
    • A product presentation of 10-15 slides.
    • For physical events, participants must provide a prototype of the innovation (if applicable) and a digital device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone).

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Online evaluation includes assessing the cover image, project description, PictoBlox files, and the YouTube video.
  • Physical evaluation at Regional, National, and International levels includes:
    • Presentation of a banner or poster.
    • Demonstration of the working or functioning of the innovation.
    • A business pitch.
    • The maximum marks for evaluation combine online and physical assessments, amounting to 100 points at each competition level.

How to Prepare for Codeavour Track 1

How to Prepare for Codeavour Track 1

Preparation for Track 1 involves understanding the themes, mastering PictoBlox, and brainstorming innovative and feasible ideas. You can also learn from the training sessions of codeavour to create extraordinary projects. Teamwork, thorough research, and a creative approach are essential for success in this competition.

Remember, Codeavour is not an endpoint but a starting point for many young innovators. It opens avenues for further development, mentorship, and potential funding opportunities for outstanding projects. Participants gain valuable experience, skills, and exposure, shaping them into future leaders in technology and entrepreneurship.

In a Nutshell

Codeavour 5.0 International stands as a key educational robotics competition, fostering AI for Kids by focusing on eco-friendly tech projects for students. This platform nurtures young minds in technological innovation and develops a sense of global responsibility. Students engage in a transformative journey by participating in Track 1 of Codeavour 5.0, merging creativity with practical solutions and contributing to a sustainable future through their unique PictoBlox-based projects.


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