MakersPlace Ghana is a technology driven, learning and skills development company. It’s composed of a solid team of experts and active engineers with diverse experiences who are passionate about bringing industry knowledge to future generations. We run the best Robotic and Coding training for children in the Ghana.

Technology is evolving so fast and therefore, your students cannot be left out to be only consumers of these emerging technologies. With the right hardware and software, learning environment, and the application of the right pedagogy coupled with child-friendly STEM coaches, your kid can be assured of a globally competitive learning experience with MakersPlace.
Our curriculum contains more Do It Yourself (DIY) projects for different ages. Our Robotics, Coding, Electronics and 3D modeling program is accredited by the USA based organization

CK Business Solutions (CKBS)

CKBS is a dynamic ecosystem focused on Educational Technology centers established in a facility within our partner institutions with renowned professionals who tutor learners using innovative and practical teaching methodologies as well as modern technology.