the smart elevator

Team: the eagle

This project is the winner of Hounourable Performer of Codeavour 2020 AI

Project Details

Team Details

  • Member 1: kerolos basem shafek
  • Age Group: group_1_(7_years_-_9_years):_participants_falling_in_this_group_must_have_been_born_between_2_october_2010_and_1_october_2013.
  • Country: Egypt
  • School Name: other
  • Partner: british_center_for_science_and_technology

Project Explaination

Experts believe that the easiest way to infect is when touch something that’s contaminated and you eventually touch your face , and then the virus will be transmitted to your mouth and eyes . so it was necessary to use artificial intelligence to replace this method with a smart solution that would prevent the hand from touching something, and also this idea can help the blind people 

The  intelligent elevator uses artificial intelligence and machine learning , where numbers begin to be recognized by using the fingers of the hand .

And because there are special elevators that allow certain people to use them , at the beginning of the program , we had to store faces for these people , and this is done by  ( face detection ) , as soon as any one gets near the elevator , they check their face and open their doors automatically without touching  any thing . 

the program starts by pressing number one , then stores the first person’s face, and when people enter the gate , they make sure they are wearing the face mask . And all of you to do when you get in the elevator is raise your fingers and point out where you are going .