The shortest path

Team: Ana Luisa-Gitema

This project is the winner of STEM Girl of Codeavour 2020 AI

Project Details

Team Details

  • Member 1: Ana Luisa Avello Rodriguez
  • Age Group: grupo_2_(10_-_13_años):_los_participantes_que_pertenezcan_a_este_grupo_deben_haber_nacido_entre_el_2_de_octubre_de_2007_y_el_1_de_octubre_de_2010.
  • Country: Cuba
  • School Name: otro
  • Partner: not_applicable

Project Explaination

This project is a solution as a previous step to using novel machine-learning perspectives to understand travel behaviour and solve transportation challenges

About path routing problem

Routing is one of the important problems in the field of the packet-switched computer network. Network routing algorithms determine routes from source node to destination for communication. In circuit-switching networks as telephone networks, a circuit is allocated between source and destination nodes. Routing algorithms for such networks generate a route on the network status as statistical information, weight of links, and so on. The task of the routing algorithms is to specify how the network should quickly reply to the change of network topology This project presents an approach to the shortest path routing problem that can be solve with machine learning algorithms. We present an animation that calculates the shortest route between several houses to be travelled by a food truck.

About project

The objective of this project was to familiarize me with a problem that in the future can be approached with machine learning techniques, which is why it helps me to train myself in this type of problem and its intuition.

Indications to play with the animation

  • Players can click on the blue numbers to adjust the distance in km between the houses.
  • Players can click on the Calculate button to calculate and choose with some conditional blocks, the shortest path and automatically the application marks it on red. In the moment the player clicks on the Calculate button the variables (ABDF, ABEF, ACDF, ACEF) show the sum of the distances.
  • If there is no shortest path, no path will mark in red, so the player needs to adjust the numbers again.
  • Click on Reset to set all numbers to 1.

This is a short explanation of my project. I hope you enjoy it