Speech weaver

Team: Mars

This project is the winner of Hounourable Performer of Codeavour 2020 AI

Project Details

Team Details

  • Member 1: Rishab Pillai
  • Age Group: group_2_(10_years_-_13_years):_participants_falling_in_this_group_must_have_been_born_between_2_october_2007_and_1_october_2010.
  • Country: India
  • School Name: other
  • Partner: on_my_own_technology_pvt_ltd

Project Explaination

Speech disorder is a condition in which a child has problems creating or forming speech sounds needed to communicate with others.

It is most common in preschool children. Stuttering is most common in children aged 2-6 years. Speech weaver is an entertaining ,fun ,educational word game to support a child’s speech and language  development .

This project focuses on building familiarity with certain words and sounds . This kind of physical exercise strengthens the vocal cords and helps in articulation and phonological disorders. Disfluency can be corrected to a large extent with this project.

In this project, there is an instructor who teaches kids to improve their speech disorder issue and he uses 3 levels. In level 1, there are 4 words which are 4 letters and similarly in level 2 and 3, it has 5 and 6 letters words.

When we click on levels, we will get 4 different words in each level where you can select words and try them. If you pronounce them incorrectly it will tell you to try again and teaches you how to pronounce.