smart sink

Team: LeTa Robo

This project is the winner of Second Runner Up of Codeavour 2020 AI

Project Details

Team Details

  • Member 1: Leen Alfityani
  • Member 2: Tala Alfityani
  • Age Group: group_3_(14_years_-_17_years_):_participants_falling_in_this_group_must_have_been_born_between_2_october_2003_and_1_october_2007.
  • Country: Jordan
  • School Name: other
  • Partner: robotna

Project Explaination

Prevention is better than cure
(smart sink)

LeTa Robo

  1. Team introduction

We are LeTa Robo team we are two sisters, we share the love for programming, cooking and acting.

  1. The problem

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge we have faced since World War Two. We have now reached the tragic milestone of one million deaths

Impact of COVID-19 on the world:

  • 7000

More than 7000 People die every day since the beginning of December 2020

  • 147M

People lost their jobs around the world

  • 463M

Schoolchildren worldwide cannot get access to digital remote learning programs

  1. Our project…

Our project is a smart sink that will help fighting the global pandemic by making sure that the virus is killed and educate people to wear a face mask in public places to make sure that the virus cannot transform from person to another person.

Work principle of the smart sink:

  • When the soap button clicked the program will start
  • After 10 seconds, the sink will start pumping water automatically for 6 seconds and then stop
  • After 20 seconds it will check if the person wear mask or not

– If the person is wearing a mask it will say (Thank you for wearing the mask)

– If the person did not wear a mask it will say (please wear the face mask)

  • After checking about the mask it will allow to the person to open the water if the person placed his hands near the motion sensor until the face go away to restart the program with another person
  1. How will the project affect the situation?

According to the specialists, the only ways to protect ourselves for now is by washing our hands carefully for at least 20 seconds and wearing a face mask.

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