Parking Monitoring System

Team: Parkers

This project is the winner of First Runner Up of Codeavour 2020 AI

Project Details

Team Details

  • Member 1: Parth Kaila
  • Member 2: Shailesh Rathod
  • Age Group: group_4_(above_17):_participants_falling_in_this_group_must_have_been_born_on_or_before_1_october_2003.
  • Country: India
  • School Name: other
  • Partner: robofun_lab_pvt._ltd.

Project Explaination

Hello Judges,

Our team name is PARKERS.

Team members : (1) Parth Kaila

(2) Shailesh Rathod

Project name : Parking Monitoring System

Let me guide you to our problem statement.

We have gone through a problem faced by our colleague that was related to the parking system. Let me tell you in brief, once he went to the shopping mall with his family and he found that there is No parking slots are available and he waited for 20 minutes to park his car. Finally, another car has left the parking arena and he parked his car.

On the next day, he talked to us related to this problem that he has faced. We as a team thought about this problem and decided to find out related solution for this. We tried so many ideas and then finally decided to work on one particular idea that can be implemented.

For live showcase of our project, we have used “Teachable Machine” as a model training and coding it into Pictoblox software. let me tell you in detail.

Teachable machine is a website in which we can train our ML model by adding different categories(class) and also added many images in these categories. After training our model we downloaded it and also copied the link.

Now in pictoblox software, we have used 9 sprites in that 8 sprites are for 8 parking slots and the remaining 1 is for Tobi to showcase different results. We have added the “Machine Learning” extension into Pictoblox and pasted our Teachable Machine’s link over there. We have done coding for different classes and cars available in parking slots.

For an Example :

(1) If 2 cars are parked in parking area then in Pictoblox it will show you that 2 parks are parked at particular parking number and also 6 parking slots are empty.

(2) If 5 cars are parked in parking area then in Pictoblox it will show you that 5 parks are parked at particular parking number and also 3 parking slots are empty.

So like this our Parking Monitoring System is working.

In your Google Maps, if you are searching for “Parking Area Near me”, yes it will give you a result but it can’t show you that howmany parking slots are available. But in future.