Gesture controlled Game- Racing

Team: TheSuperCar

This project is the winner of Best AI and ML Project of Codeavour 2020 AI

Project Details

Team Details

  • Member 1: Shasvat Oza
  • Age Group: group_2_(10_years_-_13_years):_participants_falling_in_this_group_must_have_been_born_between_2_october_2007_and_1_october_2010.
  • Country: India
  • School Name: other
  • Partner: on_my_own_technology_pvt_ltd

Project Explaination

We all are playing games in various electronics devices like, mobile,tablet,laptop & computers And in these all devices either we are using a mouse,Keyboard Or touch screen. 

So, I tried to improvise to develop a game with gesture control by using the Artificial intelligence concept.

In this game users need to control car direction by using hand gesture controlling.Like, left turn, right turn, forward & backward.

We analyzed the enjoyment of the game. Thus, we asked some of the users as well as their relatives to play the developed game. To estimate the enjoyment of testers for the game, we evaluated metrics such as learnability, immersion, enjoyment, or fatigue. Then, we compared the player experience of those groups (participants and other wheelchair users and their relatives) for the game.

Below mentioned link is for the trained Machine Learning model for various sign to control the car.


  • Enhancing the Game’s Interface Based on Users’ Values
  • To increase the concentration level