Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Team: Dcube SM

This project is the winner of Hounourable Performer of Codeavour 2020 AI

Project Details

Team Details

  • Member 1: Methuki Karunasinghe
  • Member 2: Sanumi Wickrama
  • Age Group: group_2_(10_years_-_13_years):_participants_falling_in_this_group_must_have_been_born_between_2_october_2007_and_1_october_2010.
  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • School Name: other
  • Partner: other

Project Explaination

This project is made using a servo motor , an ultrasonic sensor and a Arduino board. The ultrasonic sensor detects the hand after detecting the hand the servo motor rotates and pulls the lid which drops liquid hand sanitizer. This simple project is programmed using pictoblox.