Smart Attendance Health System SAHS

a project that reduces the human cadre and provides statistics data on the primary cases of corona disease and public health for students and workers in schools/universities and offices by using technical system for the attendance through the smart screen and sensors for fingerprint, oxygen in blood and body temperature

Mask detector using AI

This project is an automated mask detector which detects the face and says a person is wearing a mask or not. If the person is not wearing a mask then the AI requests to wear a mask.

Automatic Mask Dispenser

In recent times, masking has become mandatory. This automatic mask dispenser enables people to have access to masks anytime and anywhere by inserting the appropriate coin to get either N95 or surgical mask. It is economical, can be installed anywhere, and operated with ease.


My project “GENETICS” is a awareness project about genome editing for better health infrastructure. Nowadays so many useful technologies are being invented to cure our diseases. But not all the people are known about it. My this project will make people aware about a very special technology GENOME EDITING , which can cure people’s diseases easily. I have made this project using Pictoblox. This project is just like a story so people can understand it easily. I have also made some slides about how Genome Editing works with CRISPR Cas-9 technology. For better understanding of the people with having fun , I have made 5 steps like game with the help of SPEECH RECOGNITION extension and other features. The overall aim of making this project is to make people aware about different technologies and help them to understand complicated inventions very easily. This can be done using different techniques. I believe in coming days Genome Editing will do miracles in the field of medical science.

Vaccine And Corona

This game is created to bring an awareness in you mind about the viruses called COVID 19 and Omicron. Which we have heard about in news channels and social media.
In this game you have to save the humans by destroying the virus using it’s enemy The Vaccine.

the vaccine shot

due to the covid-19 pandamic, vaccination against it became nessecaary however some people are un aware of the vaccines importance As a result,encouraging people to take the vaccine is what our project is designed to do and to show the simplicity of taking the vaccine

Food Race

The project Food Race is about creating awareness of eating healthy food over junk food in order to avoid various health problems. In this project, sprite TOBI will move one step ahead if he gets healthy food and asks for healthy food if he gets an unhealthy one.


The HospitalCAM is a device that secures a hospital by distinguishing between psychiatric patients and doctors. It also helps to secure the hospital drug inventory.

Ambulance: The life saver

This is an activity made with quarky robot,that shows the importance of ambulance in the situation of covids.Most of the time we feel human unavailability, which leads to the need of automatic vehicles.We tried to made a automatic ambulance with the help of robot.This robot is programmed using pictoblox.

Project virtual Doctor

Project about virtual doctor in which we must tell him our symptoms and he tells us with what we are infected with. AI and ML project on pictoblox by