Clog Buster

This project “Clog Buster” typically involves a set
of components and mechanism to ensure efficient cleaning
of drainage system. The project consists of an IR Sensor,
and a DC Motor connected through Evive. When the IR Sensor
will detect a solid waste, it sends a signal to the controller.
Upon receiving the signal, the controller activates the DC motor,
which in turns starts the cleaning mechanism by rotating the
wooden – hand attached through DC Motor.
The sensor System continues to monitor the drainage system
during the cleaning operation, if it detects that the waste has
been cleared it signals the controller to stop the cleaning
The controller stops the DC Motor, ending the cleaning operation.
The drainage cleaner is now in standby mode until it detects
another issue.

Save the enviorment

Save The Environment is an educational project on Pictoblox focusing on proper rubbish disposal for recycling. Divided into two sections, it starts with an educational segment presenting information and visuals on common household rubbish items. Through engaging animations and text, users learn about recycling’s significance and how to dispose of materials like plastic, paper, glass, and metal correctly. The content is interactive, ensuring user engagement.

Following this, users transition to the game section, applying their knowledge in a fun, challenging environment. Here, they navigate virtual scenarios like city parks or residential neighborhoods, encountering scattered rubbish items. By dragging and dropping items into corresponding recycling bins (e.g., plastic, paper, glass), users earn points and progress through increasingly difficult levels. The gameplay features interactive elements like power-ups and obstacles, such as overflowing bins or misplaced items, enhancing engagement. Overall, Save The Environment educates users on recycling while providing an entertaining gaming experience.

Ultra Smart Recycling

My project is about smart recycling ,I used the AI
and MI to help the environment from the
pollution by sorting the trash into organic, in-organic and B3

Save Environment

Project is based on air pollution, vehicles emit harmful gasses and I come up with the idea of making a device that can fit into every vehicle and convert harmful gasses to good one for the environment so that we can save ourselves from many harmful disease and effects.

Picking up garbage

There is a girl who finds a river near her house but it full of garbage. She needs the help to clean it save the environment . so we have converted it into
a game so it is fun . Press the space key to start the game .

Save Our Environment

This game is about saving the environment. It has 3 levels. First level is a quiz, second level is collecting the trash that falling, third level is collecting the trash and solving the maze with your mouse.

Mithun and Vrushank 5C

This story tells us that we have to save the environment. Kai will be throwing wastes . Devin will come and tell that stop throwing wastes. Kai will tell that what is your problem. Devin will tell that he is from the forest department and has come to inspect this place. Kai will tell that it his wish . Devin will tell that if Kai dose not stop throwing wastes then , he will call the police. Kai will tell sorry to Devin . Devin will forgive him. Devin will tell that he is telling him for his sake about the nature not about the environment. Kai will tell that stop throwing plastics , reduce , refuse, reuse and recycle things. Kai will tell that save trees nature plant more trees and stop cutting trees. This project also creates awareness on how to save the environment.

GlobalSphere: AI-Integrated Sustainable Living Solution

This project utilizes AI object recognition to create a smart environment that autonomously adjusts electronic devices such as lighting based on room occupancy. The system employs object detection to identify when individuals enter the room, automatically activating the lights, and when they leave, it switches them off to conserve energy. Additionally, to enhance user control, an added feature enables individuals in the room to verbally command ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ for activating and deactivating lights, respectively. This integration of AI enhances convenience while promoting energy efficiency. By seamlessly adapting to occupants’ presence and preferences, the system optimizes both user experience and resource usage, aligning with the principles of sustainable technology. Utilizing PictoBloxs and Quarky as the board, this innovation not only saves current but also reflects the intersection of artificial intelligence and environmental consciousness, offering a glimpse into the potential of smart technologies to streamline daily tasks while minimizing environmental impact

Love Towards Nature

There were 2 divers . Two fishes approached them to stop polluting water . Similarly all the organisms may die because polluting the earth .
Thank you

Save the Earth Game

This is a game where, we show a short animation, and then display the game. The game is about ‘Saving the Earth’ from asteroids. You need to collect the asteroids in the bowl by which your score increases, but the health decreases. And, by collecting trees in the bowl, your score decreases, but your health increases. In order to win, you need to score 30 points, and your health should be good. Use the left and right arrow keys to move and collect. Each tree and asteroid will have a different value.