Rover OS – K3P4

K3P4 Is an Ai based Farming land rover For farmers.
It has multiple sensors and test instruments in the rover for better checking the soil quality for farming.

Urban Sprout: Grow Fresh Grow Local

My project is about helping different people from across the globe to be able to grow plants for multiple different purposes because many people do not have access to lessons on farming and also many people do not have enough land, space, sunlight to try and experiment with the different types of plants. During covid 19, many people did not have food to eat and feed themselves and their families.

Farm Vision

Farm Vision is a groundbreaking agricultural management platform designed to revolutionize farming practices. At its core, Farm Vision offers a comprehensive suite of features that encompass every aspect of modern agriculture. From providing real-time agrinews updates to offering detailed insights into land conditions such as humidity levels, harvesting times, and sensor data, the platform empowers farmers with crucial information to make informed decisions.

One of the key strengths of Farm Vision lies in its advanced AI integration. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, the platform’s AI assistant not only assists farmers in decision-making but also automates tasks such as path detection for powerbots, enhancing operational efficiency. This AI-driven approach extends to crop suitability prediction, enabling farmers to optimize crop selection based on soil type, climate, and historical yield data.


Historically, agriculture has played a crucial role in meeting the global demand for food. On the other hand, conventional farming practices frequently result in the inefficient use of resources, especially water and fertilizers. With the advancement of technology, we created a smart water and fertilizer plant, integrating machine learning and Arduino. Using machine learning algorithms and soil moisture sensors, this system collects data on soil moisture levels in real-time and uses that information to calculate accurate fertilization and watering schedules. The system maximizes agricultural productivity, reduces waste, and optimizes resource utilization by utilizing past data and adjusting to changing environmental conditions. With their enhanced sustainability and efficiency, smart fertilization and watering plants have the potential to revolutionize agricultural operations globally and guarantee food security for coming generations.

Harvest Haven

This project is a simulation on how I can change the world. by using AI farmers don’t have to live in bad condition as farmers don’t get paid enough. this time I pay the farmers a good amount of salary and use a tractor to harvest all the crops. I will also try to educate the world with facts about wheat and carrot which are the crops in my game. This game is very simple, and you will have a guide called Toby, the bear from Pictoblox. He is going to help tell you everything you need to know about farming. Trucks will buy your crops if you plant and harvest correctly.

Smart farmbot

الإسم: smart farmbot _ روبوت المزرعة الذكي

روبوت ذكي يقوم هذا الوبوت بالتجول داخل المزرعة وفحص المحاصيل وكذالك فهو يقيس نسبة الرطوبة في التربة ليرى اذا كانت تحتاج للسقي او لا فان كانت تحتاج فهو يقوم بكتابة ذلك على الشاشة و يصدر صوت ليبلغ الفلاح بذلك وايضا يخيف العصافير لانها تتسبب في نقص المحاصيل

Harvest Haven

Introducing EcoSort: an innovative automatic trash sorting system leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology. By swiftly and accurately segregating recyclable and non-recyclable materials, EcoSort revolutionizes waste management, reducing human error and labor costs while boosting recycling rates. Tailored for municipalities, waste management firms, and commercial entities, EcoSort offers a scalable, customizable solution. Its intuitive interface and seamless integration ensure effortless operation, delivering tangible environmental benefits and cost savings. With EcoSort, organizations can streamline waste sorting, minimize environmental impact, and embrace a sustainable future.


AquaSprout is a model we made for human survival, supporting billions of people around the world by providing food. Through agriculture, humans can produce food from various types of plants. Apart from being a food source, through agriculture plants can also be used as a medicinal route (plants such as ginger, turmeric, and others). Using AquaSprout is a very good choise. The way AquaSprout performs can help with farmers around the world, with the great pH water quality and also automated program for efficiency can help and provide better solution for the people around the world. AquaSprout must be very cheap and also very reliable for people.

Advance AI Farming

The world population increase day by day. Hence it needs to ensure food availability to prevent global food crisis. Food crisis could be caused by the long period of planting and harvesting the crops. My project will solve this problem by using AI Tractor to plant and harvest. This project could be use as an animation without using a keyboard to control it, likewise applicable in real life to help the farmers plant and harvest the crops faster and easier. In my project, I use variable blocks for AI Tractor, Food tank indicator scale, for tractor to plant and harvest. Broadcast block to announce AI Tractor to plant, watering and harvest, for AI Tractor to wait for all the plants growing. Tractor broadcast food tank indicator scale to decrease. Also an extension: object detection for the robot dog to detect animals,

Fruit Sorting

Fruit sorting is an application that sorts fresh fruit and rotten fruit, then puts them in a basket or organic recycling bin. This project uses Machine Learning to recognize images of fresh fruit or rotten fruit, and uses Pictoblox for coding.