Candi Borobudur experience

This game is about a wayang kulit (Central java tradition) explaining to us what is Candi Borobudur, the history behind it, and the fascinating facts of it. At the end of the animation / learning, the Wayang kulit will play a game with us similar to Mario. We have to collect the true facts about Candi Borobudur and avoid the bad things related to Candi Borobudur. If we touch the good coin, our score will add up by 1, but if we touch the bad coin, our score will be set to 0 an forced to restart.

The reason why we made this is because the current generation is more focused at playing games or chatting on their phones, rather then learning your own country. So i made a game that is fun and also teaches our country’s ruins


Page.Bot is an Innovation where you can vast your knowledge and learn through with, as Page.Bot helps you in your growth and makes you learn new and various things with it. Page.Bot is very helpful to help you on things that you don’t know and very simple to use, only by one tap then it will show you the solution. Page.Bot can also be used in solving your problems for example: Math, Script writing, and many more things that you might need.

Passion Quiz

Passion Quiz integrates AI facial expression analysis to offer a comprehensive insight into each child’s preferences and strengths. Committed to ongoing enhancement, we aim to collaborate with child psychologists to refine our methods, ensuring superior accuracy and effectiveness in identifying and nurturing children’s passions. Additionally, we provide engaging multiple-choice quizzes to further enhance the interactive learning experience. With our commitment to innovation and collaboration, we strive to create a dynamic platform that empowers children to explore their interests and excel in their educational journey while fostering a deep love for learning.


Our project involves the development of a versatile CHATBOT AI aimed at educating individuals worldwide. By simply typing questions, users can access a wide range of educational content spanning medical, language, marketing, and other fields of study. In addition to providing valuable knowledge, our platform offers 8 programming quizzes to challenge users and enhance their programming skills. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, committing to monthly software updates to address any bugs and introduce new features. With our innovative approach to education, we aim to empower learners globally and facilitate accessible and engaging learning experiences. Our project entails crafting a dynamic CHATBOT AI for global education.

Solve To Drive

Solve To Drive is a fun math quiz game which is in the game you need to answer a question which has a total of 10 questions and the questions will get harder each level you play/solve. And the mission is to drive the car & collect the diamond. Drive to solve offers a unique combination of engaging gameplay and educational content that are accessible for everyone.

Police Escape

The project around an escape game scenario wherein a incarcerated individual must devise a strategy to evade pursuit by law enforcement. The core gameplay mechanics entail players deducing the optimal course of action for their escape. An erroneous decision by the player will result in apprehension by the pursuing police force, while a correct choice will propel the prisoner closer to their goal of freedom. To achieve this interactive experience, the project leverages ML techniques integrated within the Scratch 3.0 platform. This entails the use of algorithms and data-driven decision-making processes to enhance the realism and complexity. ML algorithms may be employed to simulate police behavior and adapt their pursuit strategies based on the player’s decisions, thereby adding an additional layer of challenge and unpredictability to the gameplay. This project aims to provide players with a captivating and intellectually stimulating escape game experience while showcasing the potential of Machine Learning

The Green Maze

This is an educational game named The Green Maze. This game consists of a maze full of aims and two sprites, Dragon and Frank. In order to play this game, you have to move your hand to move Dragon. When Dragon touches Frank, a triumph music will play, and the game will end. However, you need to touch all aims, which is packed with 1 question for each aim. The questions are about algebra. If you answer correctly, you got 1 point. Answer a question wrongly and you will have to start over from the beginning. The same goes with touching Frank when you haven’t answered all questions yet.

Art Quest

Introducing “Art Quest,” an educative drawing game on PictoBlox! This user-friendly platform seamlessly combines the joy of artistic expression with interactive learning, providing a unique space for nurturing creativity and enhancing drawing skills in young minds. Users embark on a captivating virtual journey to refine their artistic abilities. The game’s intuitive interface ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience, encouraging players to unlock their full artistic potential effortlessly. In Art Quest, each stroke becomes a step towards both fun and education, making it a dynamic and entertaining environment to ignite the artist within and master the foundations of drawing with ease!

Achieving Dream Through Education (Game Macolis)

This project is Game-based Learning with the tagline Achieving Dream Through which I named Game Macolis (Math, coloring, English, and Sciences) which is an abbreviation of the subjects generally found in elementary schools and I applied it in 4 games in this Codevour project. Where in the presentation there is an intro storytelling with a character named Budi (an iconic name in Indonesia). Future dreams will come true with learning facilities that support personal development. One of the learning media is playing games. Players can click on the subject they want, for the Math subject they are presented with 2 games, namely Game 1: Math Solving Car Race which presents 10 questions.