Helping Hands

Helping Hands aims to help poor people and homeless people find food and water in a regular, organized, and trustworthy way.
Helping Hands works like an agency between restaurants, hotels, and other places that sell food and hungry people who need it.
Helping Hands takes food that would otherwise be thrown away and gives it to people in need.

Reducing the number of works in facilities

A project that achieves one of the sustainable development goals, which is to reduce the number of employees in health facilities. The device works using the facial fingerprint, and the employee fingerprints with the facial fingerprint when he arrives for his shift and when he leaves. The device calculates the number of hours that the employee spent at work, and by knowing the number of hours, the monthly salary of each employee is determined, and the hours of absence or tardiness are automatically deducted without need. To an employee in the attendance and departure follow-up department

“ECO-WAVE: 🌊💡 Smart Pool Project Utilizing Artificial Waves for Energy Provision and Entertainment”

The percentage of sea water in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is 0.5 of the land, and we have developed an artificial swimming pool project with artificial waves, so that these artificial waves provide energy, which means exploiting the energy of the waves to light the place somewhere or operate anything else, and with this, monitoring the pool with an artificial intelligence camera An alarm will be alerted in the event of drowning.

Drone Surveillance for Parking Violations

In the UAE, Parking fee violators are verified either manually by police or through parking control units. As the weather is too hot it is exhausting for a policeman to manually check. If Parking control units are used, it is waste of fuel. So, to make sure there are no Parking violators. We have come up with a solution to use solar-powered drones. These camera-equipped drones scan number plates and send details to Pictoblox, then it checks payment status, and issues fines for violations. It also sends message to drivers who haven’t paid the parking ticket. Arduino uno displays red light if car has not paid fees & one operator monitors it. The main advantage of our project is it reduces fuel use, reduce manpower, and increase the revenue and also it aligns with 4 SDGs.

Smart Parking |Revolutionizing Urban Mobility with Artificial Intelligence

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a parking spot in crowded urban areas can be a daunting task. However, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence (AI), the concept of smart parking is transforming the way we think about parking spaces.

Smart parking systems utilize AI algorithms to analyze real-time data from sensors installed in parking lots and on-street spaces. These sensors detect the presence of vehicles, monitor parking space availability, and provide drivers with real-time information through mobile apps or electronic signage.

The implementation of smart parking solutions not only enhances convenience for drivers but also contributes to a more sustainable urban environment. By efficiently managing parking resources, cities can reduce emissions, alleviate traffic congestion, and enhance the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Smart Traffic Control system,

Smart Traffic Control system, a system for controlling traffic lights according to car numbers using AI and Machine Learning , giving priorities to emergency vehicles such as ambulance


Imagine a world where bus drivers who work countless hours to make our, us students’ experience in the bus perfect, fell safer on the roads, a place where the 15,000 accidents that occur every year, don’t happen anymore and a place where the approximately 7,500 injured drivers stay safe for the following years, that’s a world my project TransitEase can create. My Project is a system made using software like Machine Learning, Weather Data, and hardware like Quarky to create an awesome system for the bus drivers. The app does 5 main things, Firstly, it determines the type of road ahead and establishes a speed limit, notifies the bus driver of the weather, and (for students) creates a Virtual ID that the student can use in case they forget their ID card. It also notifies the student’s parents if the student is late for pickup.

Optimizing Home Cooking | Osama’s AI-Powered Meal Planning and Recipe Recommendation System

Osama made an AI-powered meal planning and recipe recommendation system to help individuals optimize ingredient usage, improve cooking skills, and reduce food waste in households. The AI system will analyze users’ food inventory, dietary preferences, and cooking skill level to suggest personalized meal plans and recipes. It will provide step-by-step instructions, cooking tips, and substitution options to make the most of available ingredients and minimize waste. The solution will empower users to make efficient use of ingredients, save money on grocery purchases, enhance cooking skills, and contribute to reducing food waste and environmental impact. It will also promote healthier eating habits and meal diversity.
Osama develop a user-friendly interface for inputting food inventory, integrating AI algorithms for meal planning and recipe recommendations, ensuring data privacy and security measures, and testing the system for accuracy and reliability.

Exploring the Future of Face ID Door Access Systems | Doors unlocked using AI

As technology continues to redefine the way we interact with our surroundings, Face ID door unlock systems represent a cutting-edge solution that combines security, convenience, and innovation. By understanding the functionality, benefits, and implications of these systems, we can navigate the evolving landscape of access control with confidence and foresight. Unlocking doors with a gaze may soon become the new norm, ushering in a future where faces are the keys to unlocking endless possibilities.

Water Watchers | Ahmed & Yazan’s Solution to Preventing Water Waste

Ahmed and Yazan choose Save The Environment Theme and decided to solve important problem which is the leakage and the waste of water in a very careless way
Method Of Solving The Problem to create a sensor that will notify the owner or the user that there is a specific water leakage so the user in notified and no water is wasted.