Codeavour 2021

We need to save our environment. There are three people that plan that they should grow plants and tell others also to grow

Smart smoke detector watch

This smart watch is basically a watch that detects smokes and harmful gases in the air using a sensor, it helps controlling air pollution and helping the environment and planet earth.

Mark and his brother Max’s story

My project is a story of a boy called Mark who has younger brother called Max. Mark planned a surprise party for Max’s birthday and they enjoyed it lot. It is made from AI and ML, it has games, speech recognition and storytelling.

A Fancy Tale

A short story describing the feelings of what the environment is going through and a way out of the reality world to feel good through some entertainment. Also a way of relaxation of the tiredness and exhaustion. Getting connected and unision with story world


Story of an ancient animals


Conversation between Griffin and Unicorn in the jungle. (ancient times) About, hunters coming in the forest to cought them but griffin and unicorn don’t want to live in the cave.

Save environment

Save Environment is project to spread keep nature safe and if people get bored with this they can also play game

Virtual Hospital.

My project theme is strengthen the health infrastructure. My project name is virtual Hospital. In my project three patients are coming for treatment from doctor. So I hope you will like my project. ????. Thank you❤

Royal Rescue Mission

it is a game and and a story game where you can play and i have set a story in it .