Sustainable STEM Gardening Kits

We began making prototypes using kitchen tools and reusable items, showing our dedication to sustainability right from the start. With simple yet effective methods, we turn food waste into rich compost for gardening. This process is part of our Sustainable STEM Gardening Kits, which involve auto chopping and composting using Arduino, along with auto irrigation using a soil moisture sensor, all designed to make gardening more accessible and eco-friendly. Our goal is to empower individuals of all ages to engage in sustainable practices while enjoying the benefits of gardening, promoting environmental stewardship and education.

Save the Ocean

The education provides information about marine pollution issues, their impact on the environment, and steps that can be taken to help save the oceans. It may include articles, interesting facts, images, or short videos that provide an understanding of the urgency of ocean conservation. The Story page is where players can play fun and educational games related to the theme of ocean conservation. One of the available games might be a game where players control a turtle that must avoid ocean debris and reach specific goals. To provide players with an interactive experience to reinforce the knowledge gained from the education page and make learning about environmental issues enjoyable. In this game, players control a turtle character that must avoid plastic, metal, chemical, and organic waste floating in the ocean. Players must collect positive items such as marine food and entertainment while avoiding contact with the debris.

Youth Climate Action

Many young people underestimate their role in addressing global warming, often leaving it to adults. However, their everyday choices, such as excessive energy usage and single-use plastics, worsen the problem. Our solution tackles this by introducing a dynamic app that educates, raises awareness, and provides personalized action steps. With features like reporting and rewards, the app promotes positive behavior change and connects users to relevant resources. Our innovation combines education, habit tracking, actionable steps, and rewards, offering a comprehensive strategy to understand and reduce environmental impact. Our business model centers on a free software platform that builds a community of young individuals, serving as both a learning tool and a data collection system focused on climate-related information.
For revenue generation, we will integrate paid advertising/CSR/Grant opportunities for companies and organizations seeking to connect with our engaged user base


“Waste is a big problem for human life and nature.
and there are still many people who like to throw rubbish carelessly
One of them is the sea, so to minimize waste disposal we created a recylozone

recylozone is a detection tool that uses a camera and is used to find out how long it takes for waste to decompose through AI which detects it through the camera and once detected it will tell you how long it takes for the waste to decompose.

With Recylozone, people will learn that waste takes a long time to decompose and can damage nature and can help many people.

Healthy living

The story compares the lives of two sisters who live in the same house and the circumstances of one of them choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and the other living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Smart Flood Alarm

“Floods became the most frequent natural disaster in Indonesia during 2023. It can be caused by accumulated trash, deforestation, and climate change. The floods bring environmental and human damage. So, we designed a smart flood alarm with PictoBlox and Arduino Uno integration as an Early Warning System.
This alarm system is equipped with a water sensor, LED, LCD, and buzzer alarm. The water sensor is used to detect water level. LEDs are used to provide signals with specific colors, green indicates a safe condition, yellow is to prepare for the incoming flood, and red indicates a dangerous level of water. The LCD is used to display text information describing the warning level (Siaga 1 to Siaga 4). The buzzer alarm will sound at a specific water level with alerts for status 2 and 1.
This smart product can help global citizens reduce the impact of floods on human life.”

Throw Trash Properly

Pollution is everywhere…But I don’t know how to help…And people keep throwing trash improperly

Then I asked my mom and she told me, I can help to save the environment by throwing trash properly…
So I have an idea to tell my story to other people.

Hopefully, my story will inspire people to save the environment by start doing easy and simple things in our daily lives.

I start the storytelling from my room, and then I want to play outside but there is so much trash in the city forest and beach. Then I try to show people how to throw trash properly to save the environment

There are many solutions for trash, but
sometimes it’s difficult for kids to do it independently.

I made a storytelling using simple animations and language so everyone can understand. Even kids like me can help save the environment…start by throwing trash properly


Accidents that occur in ports and seas are considered serious accidents that lead to the death of hundreds of people, the loss of many shipments and logistical goods, and huge material and human losses.A team rose(SMART WHALE)Researching the importance of this problem and its scientific dimensions, communicating with the concerned authorities in the event of these incidents, and thinking about employing robots, smart solutions, and artificial intelligence to speed up and facilitate the process of transporting goods and passengers safely and securely within the smart port.  The robot can solve these problems and avoid their occurrence with high technological techniques and make decisions that contribute to preserving people’s lives and preserving the quality and accuracy of maritime navigation, which is the goal.

Reduce Environment Problem

The proposed project addresses the pressing environmental concern of industrial smoke emissions by creating a system to mitigate their impact. Focused on safeguarding the atmosphere, the project involves diverting factory smoke through pipelines to an extractor plant. This innovative approach aims to extract valuable gases from the emissions, repurposing them for use in other facilities. The primary objective is to enhance air quality and protect lives by significantly reducing the release of harmful smoke into the environment. The project incorporates a comprehensive system, including pipelines for smoke transfer, an alert mechanism for leaked gases, and a distribution system for harnessing the useful gases obtained from the extraction process. Through these integrated components, the project seeks to contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment.

Greenhouse Gases Warriors

The “Greenhouse Gases Warriors” project is a game designed to educate children about some of the causes of global warming and how to avoid them. The game consists of three stages, each representing a different cause, and the player must avoid losing points in each stage to prevent an increase in these causes. The first stage involves collecting and sorting waste, with the player needing to avoid dropping or placing waste in inappropriate locations to prevent losing points and thus increasing greenhouse gases. The second stage focuses on replacing gasoline with electric power, where the player must avoid gasoline fuel and instead collect electricity to earn points. The final stage addresses the issue of deforestation, with the player needing to prevent fallen branches from a tree by moving it to avoid losing points and increasing greenhouse gases.
Research conducted for the project focused on the dangers of global warming.