Upgrading Agriculture

Topic for the project is Upgrading Agriculture, With this story based project I am trying to convey my massage to the farmers with advance agriculture based technologies which makes there work easier.

Child Security System

In this project we have created a child security system sin pictoblox it contain AI chat bot which gives answer of all your questions after that we built an smart door unlocking system using pictoblox which detects the face and open the door else it start beeping and warn the child there is an automatic light also which automatically turns on when there is dark we have added weather information also which tells the latest weather of the city and at last we have a study video also that help your child to study.

Automatic Boat

The project is based on a story in which one fairy give kids a boat by which they can experience whatever they wish to see under water. She give them Automatic boat according to that they can do whatever they want to see with the help of buttons.

Save the enviorment

Save The Environment is an educational project on Pictoblox focusing on proper rubbish disposal for recycling. Divided into two sections, it starts with an educational segment presenting information and visuals on common household rubbish items. Through engaging animations and text, users learn about recycling’s significance and how to dispose of materials like plastic, paper, glass, and metal correctly. The content is interactive, ensuring user engagement.

Following this, users transition to the game section, applying their knowledge in a fun, challenging environment. Here, they navigate virtual scenarios like city parks or residential neighborhoods, encountering scattered rubbish items. By dragging and dropping items into corresponding recycling bins (e.g., plastic, paper, glass), users earn points and progress through increasingly difficult levels. The gameplay features interactive elements like power-ups and obstacles, such as overflowing bins or misplaced items, enhancing engagement. Overall, Save The Environment educates users on recycling while providing an entertaining gaming experience.

Mithun and Vrushank 5C

This story tells us that we have to save the environment. Kai will be throwing wastes . Devin will come and tell that stop throwing wastes. Kai will tell that what is your problem. Devin will tell that he is from the forest department and has come to inspect this place. Kai will tell that it his wish . Devin will tell that if Kai dose not stop throwing wastes then , he will call the police. Kai will tell sorry to Devin . Devin will forgive him. Devin will tell that he is telling him for his sake about the nature not about the environment. Kai will tell that stop throwing plastics , reduce , refuse, reuse and recycle things. Kai will tell that save trees nature plant more trees and stop cutting trees. This project also creates awareness on how to save the environment.

Love Towards Nature

There were 2 divers . Two fishes approached them to stop polluting water . Similarly all the organisms may die because polluting the earth .
Thank you

Gender education

Gender transformative education recognizes that education can be a force for achieving positive social change and gender justice: it has the potential to promote positive social and political change by addressing power inequalities between genders and challenging existing and long-standing gender norms.

Save the Environment



THE Hospital was consist of a special facilities in there virtual doctors will guide you that from which disease the patient is going through and what step does he/she have take.
It is a healthcare facility that goes without any physical interaction.

Smart curriculum (for the deaf and dumb)

Your project aims to support deaf and mute students in continuing their education, especially in light of the shortage of specialized personnel specialized in a specific language. Through the use of artificial intelligence, your project aims to transform school curricula into a digital language that can be read in classrooms. This training helps them better understand the lessons of the challenges they face. The ultimate goal is to comprehensively allow deaf and mute students to complete their non-deaf education, with the integration of technology and traditional teaching. Achieving this project requires cooperation between government agencies and organizations to continue the ongoing support and success achieved by this initiative.