Duck Learning

Duck Learning started off in 2007 as an educational consultancy firm specialising in Student Leadership training and Character development. Our educational philosophy is to allow student to learn more by providing them opportunities in education to facilitate self-initiated learning.

We believe in helping students to realise and develop their full potential in order to become responsible leaders of the future. We strive to create opportunities in education by empowering students, educators and educational institutions to learn, provide innovative learning solutions to facilitate learning and developing engaging platforms to promote excellence in education.

Duck Learning is a “Singaporean” company whose founder is a 3rd generation Singaporean who founded Duck Learning after his own personal experiences in education as an adult volunteer leader in a newly-established uniformed group and an educator.

Over the last 14 years, Duck Learning has grown from strength to strength, providing customized solutions for schools in all areas of the curriculum through workshops for students and teachers, consultancy services to help schools adopt best practices to develop 21st century competencies in their students and supplying the latest in educational platforms, to close to 200 MOE schools in Singapore as well as many pre-schools and international schools.

In 2014, Duck Learning consolidated all of its offerings for schools in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to provide complete STEM Solutions for its clients. This involves a whole ecosystem of products and services which Duck learning can customize for schools to provide truly unique and effective learning solutions in STEM for students. More information on Duck Learning’s STEM solutions and ecosystem can be found on the next page.

Duck Learning is the proud exclusive partner of LEGO Education in Singapore. It distributes LEGO Education products as well as helps schools to maximize the use of their LEGO Education sets through teacher training and curriculum support. Duck Learning also manages the Innovation Lab by LEGO Education located at the Science Centre, Singapore and organizes the annual FIRST LEGO League, a competition aimed at encouraging more students to take up careers in Science and Technology.

Duck Learning is also the exclusive authorized training provider of LEGO Education Academy (LEA) courses in Singapore. The LEA is an institution in Denmark that provides STEM workshops for teachers and students. Duck Learning currently has 2 Master Trainers and all its trainers are certified by the LEGO Education Academy.

Since then, Duck Learning has also become the exclusive partner of other organisations such as Arduino Education, SAM Labs, Strawbees, Shape Robotics & KUBO.

In January 2016, Duck Learning launched its India company, Duck Learning India, which partners with LEGO Education, Arduino Education, SAM Labs, Strawbees and KUBO to provide educational solutions to schools in western India.

Duck Learning has developed strong partnerships with organisations such as the Science Centre Singapore, Infocomm & Media Development Authority of Singapore, Health Promotion Board, Building and Construction Authority and Singapore Ministry of Education Character and Citizenship Branch.

African Leaders in Aviation

African Leaders in Aviation (ALA) aims to encourage the advancement of Aviation & STEM amongst the youth of Africa.


Driven by passion for technology and innovation, we are hobbyists at heart filled with inspiration and practical ideas on tinkering, building DIY projects with background in technology.

We have wealth of ideas to foster wonder and inventive thinking into young minds with antecedents for an engaging learning experience driven by curiosity in an out-of-school setting.

We design and develop activity based learning projects embedded with revelations and discoveries for learning outcomes.

Activities include building circuits, block-based coding, simple robotics projects using Arduino and Micro:bit controllers with Python, C programming.


On My Own Technology™ (OMOTEC) is a dynamic innovation and research center that brings STEAM learning to children. We offer a wide range of stimulating, educational and fun robotics electronics programs for young minds ranging from K12 segment, and to students from graduate schools and engineering colleges. Our curriculum is based on the idea of seamlessly integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math into learning that is based on real-world hands-on applications. We have Pan India presence with campuses in Mumbai, and Pune. OMOTEC also offers a full range of educational modules that incorporate Next-Gen teaching methodologies and indigenous content developed on global standards, which we cater for modules like Curriculum Integration, After School Workshops, Retail Workshops, Competition Focused Training, Corporate Workshops, CSR Activities, Prototype, and Innovation.

Al-Jazari Robotics

Al-Jazari Robotics is a start-up Interested in the field of educational robotics, artificial intelligence, and STEAM programs.
Established in the year 2018,
Al-Jazari Robotics Start-up has a variety of products and programs in robotics and technology like KIDZOBOT , KIDZOBOX , ..etc
Al-Jazari robotics has received several awards, local and international

Pi Space Science Education Center

A disruptive STEAM education initiative using space science as a vector to empower the young generation with 21st Century work skills.

Creative Learning Academy

The Creative Learning Academy is one of the educational companies that seeks to integrate education with modern technology, carrying a fundamental message that is summarized in (Creative learning academy Generation), and through interactive educational content, we seek to reach the child, parents and trainer all over the world, taking advantage of modern technologies and social media, harnessing purposeful, and educational reasons for them.

STEAM Kids Club

It is a special club to train children in programming and the principles of artificial intelligence & ML and robotics, in addition to learning the basics of electronics such as micro-bits, Arduino and sensors using the Pictoblox program.

Brainiacs STEM and Robotics

Brainiacs STEM Academy Virtual learning platform offers courses for various skills level ranging from Beginners, Intermediate and Advance. It also adopts a self-learning pace system that allows learners the flexibility to learn at desired pace through which they develop natural understanding

Pure Minds Education Support Services, Dubai

We are an educational institution that strives to provide STEM and Life Skills Programs for children from the age of 4, assisting their development from inquisitive children to the next generation of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders.

From After School programs through to Saturday Robotics classes and our popular Winter, Spring and Summer Camps, our team have educated over 4,000 children in the UAE.