Face Tracking Robot


In this session, you are going to correlate with the real-world applications of AI to generate an AI mindset and also make a Robot that detects the face and tracks it. Watch the video for a step-by-step guide to making the “Face Tracking Robot” activity within PictoBlox.

Basics of Robotics

robot, in simple words, is any machine designed to carry out a task. This would make you say, “So, a calculator, a PC, a vacuum cleaner – all these are also robots?” Not exactly. Robots are machines that use programming to make decisions and carry out tasks.

Quarky: Your AI Learning Buddy

Quarky is an electronic board with a lot of features using which you can make numerous exciting projects. You can program Quarky to make expressions, play sounds, detect touch, and much more. Let’s look at its various features.

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