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How do we find a way through a maze? How can we find the shortest way to reach our destination? YES, that is why I made Pathfinder. Pathfinder can find the shortest path from one point to another with the help of AI. It can be helpful for driving and in finding the shortest path to reach at their destinations. It is a very innovative idea and with the help of Artificial Intelligence, it can easily find paths. Maybe in future with advanced coding, it can be used for big purposes.

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RHETS – Rapid Health Emergency Traffic System

One day while I was stuck in traffic jam , there was an ambulance approaching the signal. The sound of its Siren was distinct and created an atmosphere of emergency. The traffic ahead of it was so dense that it had no way to go. On that day I had made up my mind that I will surely do something to solve this issue and today I have successfully found out a way to do it . It is a model made to solve the current issue faced by our society when ambulances get stuck in traffic signals during the patients golden hours when he is hanging between life and death. It is developed using Sensors and micro chip and also alerts pedestrians. I have not concentrated on only one aspect , but instead I have made backup plans and an efficient model to handle every critical situations (eg- foggy whether , many honking vehicles , outside the visibility radius, etc) According to the National Institute Of Emergency Medicine report around 20% of the Emergency patients deaths were caused due to traffic jams

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Eye Test

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Eye Test - checks your vision in a few minutes from home and tells you if you should go to a doctor.

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smart sink

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Our project is a smart sink that will help fighting the global pandemic by making sure your hands are washed for long enough so the virus is killed and educate people to wear a face mask in public places to make sure that the virus cannot transform from person to another person.

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Smart Safe

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I designed a safe that protects your money with a secret question. It also calculates the amount of money inserted in it.

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Emotional Bear with Basketball

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The objective of the game is to escape from the falling balls by expressing emotions on players' faces. The bear will move following emotions. The ball will fall faster when the time passes. If the bear got hit by the balls, the game is over. The player will win if can avoid within 30 seconds. It is a fun game to play!

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Personal car safety assistant is a project aimed at helping motorist protect his or her car from burglars. In addition to that, it also helps the motorist carry out while driving for example turning the air conditioner on, turning radio on, and also helps to make the car owner is wearing a mask and a seatbelt too, which are both very vital. It falls under the theme of innovative transportation solutions.


Programming table for children, programming from an early age.

The project consists of a small table where you can fit blocks that carry instructions for moving a character in a game on Pictoblox. To win the game the child must position the blocks logically and sequentially, exercising computational thinking and programming logic from an early age.

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