The Prevent ~O~ Corona

My project is a hardware project which will be very useful in schools and colleges and other public places which are recently re-opening after lockdown. Most of the people or students find it very difficult to prevent themselves from this deadly virus. When a person approaches to this, it will first detect whether that particular person is wearing a mask or not using a camera. If he/she is wearing a mask, then it will continue with the process. But if he/she is not wearing a mask, it will not continue. Next, it will sanitize the hands of the person. The angular motion of servo motor will be converted into linear motion, pushing the sanitizer. The person will be given 10 seconds to spread the sanitizer and move to the temperature detection. That’s when my LM35 comes into action; it detects the temperature of the thing touching it. After the results come out, it will report according to the temperature being more than or less than 33­0C.

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Cleaning robot

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Our project's name is cleaning robot. The cleaning robot is a type of Domestic robot. This robot helps in cleaning the house which is operated by Bluetooth. The robot has a small broom attached to a motor which rotates 360° to slide up the wastes through the slope and put it into the roller so that it rotates and the waste goes into a inner compartment.

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Speech weaver

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Speech weaver is an interactive speech and vocabulary learning game for preschool and primary kids .The colorful ,engaging pictures will motivate and stimulate children to develop their speech sounds.

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Bye-Bye Cyber Bullying

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Cyber Bullying is hurting kids and teens all over the world. My project is about avoiding cyber bullying. If you write a negative comment it will give you a warning that you should not say it again, it will give you the warning 2 times, still if you repeat it 1 more time it will not allow you to post. If you write a positive comment it will say thank you for a lovely comment.

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Coral Reefs

I made an activity book about coral reefs. You can read facts about them through four chapters and play minigames. I chose AI and Coding for the Win for the theme because I like to do experiment about AI. And I made a storytelling because I like to tell stories.

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Autonomous system for monitoring the use of Face Mask and controlling the number of people in collective environments

System with Machine Learning for collective locations capable of: 1- Identify the use of a face protection mask. 2- Count the number of people in the environment, 3- Proceed autonomously with verbal guidance. 4-Sends the information to intenet (ThingSpeak) to be viewed by a cell application

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