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International Schools of Kenana-American Division


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International Schools of Kenana, American Division has its eyes on the future. We have great belief in the mindset of our competent students who proved able to adapt to fast pace of change and development. We are exhilarated to watch our students learning, cooperating, innovating and achiving in our STEM Lab medium set at school. Having received the the proper instruction, the sufficient materials and the production guidance by the school collaboration with specialized companies, we are confident that our students’creative ideas will come to life in the best possible manner. ISK, American Division will keep on paving the path to our students to be the best competent innovators and leaders of the future. We believe in you.

Teacher Ambassador of International Schools of Kenana-American Division

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Ahmed shaban

Student Ambassadors of International Schools of Kenana-American Division


Abdullah Ahmed Mohamed Behairy

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Khalid Kamal El-shawri