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Doon Public School Bhuj

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A message from the Principal

Dear students Doon Public School Bhuj endeavors to augment the personality of each child and bring out inherent qualities through years of schooling which include such varied activities as sports, dance and music, arts, and expression which aid in the discovery of such talents. Success is a journey, not the destination.We must learn to be successful in our numerous, small, everyday objectives. If we become complacent, then we stop achieving.When we are successful in our endeavours, being successful becomes a habit. We are then on the road to achieving success for the larger good. Together, we can achieve the success we have dreamed of.

Teacher Ambassador of Doon Public School Bhuj

Mr. Harsh Gor

Student Ambassadors of Doon Public School Bhuj

Sagar Bhardwaj

Saksham jain